Verizons Seidenberg scoffs at Apple iPhone says Jobs will get old

It appears that Verizon Communications chief executive Ivan Seidenberg is getting somewhat irritated at suggestions that perhaps one day Verizon could be swallowed up by the consolidation of the telecoms industry, and he gets right irked at the idea that the acquirer could possibly be Vodafone, we posted his views on Vodafone earlier (see here)

Seidenberg told the Financial Times: “We’re not for sale. And in case you didn’t get that the first time, we’re not for sale. OK?”

Seidenberg is full of self-assurance with Verizon Communications who with market capitalisation of $102 billion is the second largest telecom company in the US, and fifth in the world. He highlighted Verizon’s growth, stating revenue is up 8.5 percent on a pro-forma basis in 07, and says: “Investors always want more, but we are in a pretty good place.”

Seidenberg shrugs off any concerns that the wireless market growth within the US may be coming to an end simply because in excess of 80 percent now own a mobile phone, but instead highlights how consumers increasing use of mobile phones for data activities is providing Verizon with a new revenue stream, and states: “Machine to machine” technologies, such as heart monitors sending signals to the internet, will further increase demand for its network.”

Seidenberg is confidant Verizon is well placed to be a winner in the battle between companies for revenue from the mobile internet, and reserves his most acidic remarks for Apple and Steve Jobs.

“There goes the conspiracy again, you’re declaring them a winner before they’ve earned it on the field,” says Seidenberg.

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