Is the future of the Apple iPhone with Intel Atom?

Most know already that Apple’s next generation iPhone 3G will be running computing cycles via its Samsung sourced CPU, however, what about the future next generation Apple iPhone? You know, the one after the July 11th iPhone 3G, speculation on the iPhone 3G including an Intel Atom processer was a little off but not by a great deal.

Looking at a research note by JoAnne Feeney at FTN Midwest it is indicated that Apple’s next venture with the iPhone could possibly be powered via a processor from Intel’s Atom collection of low-power, low-cost processors. Feeney says that the Atom development program is “well ahead of schedule.”

It is possible we could see Intel debut the 32nm Atom chip at Intel Developers Forum mid-August 08, and that could possibly put Atom in line for applications in the future Apple iPhone development cycle probably aimed at a 2009 maybe 2010 launch, but remember this is still only speculation at this point and nothing solid.

Feeny also notes: “The Samsung chip will cost Apple an estimated $13.50 apiece; if Apple can sell 25 million iPhones, Intel could generate incremental revenue of $250 million for Intel. That would imply the current lowest priced Atom, at around $20, coming down about 50% in price.”

It would be interesting to actually see an Intel Atom processor powering an Apple iPhone sometime in the future, and well after all once the Apple iPhone 3G has been out for a few weeks or months we’ll need something new to report from the iPhone camp won’t we.

Source — seekingalpha

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