Apple iPhone 3G almost here email teaser from O2

O2 seems to be preparing for the big day coming very, very soon, the 11th July and the availability of the Apple iPhone 3G mobile handset. So much so that O2 dispatched an email to those people who have signed up to their sight for further information regarding the Apple iPhone 3G, and stating that the iconic handset is “almost here.”

Here is what the email said: “We will be writing to you again before the 11th with details about how you could place your order. However, we do expect demand for iPhone 3G to be very high so orders will be processed on a first come, first served basis so that we can be fair to all customers. Orders will be limited to one iPhone 3G per customer.”

Those that wish to own the new Apple iPhone 3G are advised to visit the O2 website for further information in the meantime. So I reckon O2 is expecting a huge rush on July 11th, which will probably be known from here on in as iPhone day.

Mind you, with all the hype that the Apple iPhone 3G has been given you can’t blame any of the mobile carriers to push, push, and push that all important iPhone date, can you? One wonder just what would happen if the expected rush never came, now wouldn’t that be news bombarding the net waves!

Source — pocket-lint

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