Possible BlackBerry Curve 8350 for Nextel by years end?

Net whispers are floating around that Research In Motion just may have another BlackBerry mobile phone planned for Nextel’s iDEN network. The Nextel iDEN network is somewhat aging but still packs a punch in the business world where Research In Motion mostly makes its livelihood with the BlackBerrys.

The last rumour sailing about was that Research In Motion would be pushing out a WiFi compatible Nextel BlackBerry by the end of 08, and it’s looking more and more like that rumour is still on the tracks, although it is possible it may just get bumped over into early 09, but when Research In Motion does launch the new mobile phone it will be in the form of a Blackberry curve, model number 8350, and will run OS 4.6.1.

Now all this is fine, the BlackBerry Curve is a superb mobile device for 07 and early 08 standards, however, if the BlackBerry Curve 8350 does launch early 09 it will be facing some fairly tough opposition even from the BlackBerry stable with the BlackBerry Bold, and then there are the other manufacturers to take into consideration, they probably will be shifting out some new innovation mobile that will dwarf the Curve.

Having said that, and knowing there are loads of ardent Blackberry push-to-talk faithful‘s out there in big wild mobile phone land that will simply be overjoyed to even have a new Blackberry mobile phone mentioned in Research In Motion’s pipeline. So there’s something for all them BlackBerry aficionados’ to look forward to, perhaps a new Blackberry in time for the Christmas stocking, or New Year’s gift, three cheers for RIM.

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  1. popo341 says:

    Ok so here is my thought on this idea. I was with Nextel for 6 years PTT rocks! IDen data blows……… So They have made a few hybrid phones here and there. CDMA for cellular service and IDen for the PTT. This would be an awesome phone if they did that. I only got rid of Nextel and went to Sprint because my work thought it would work out better for them without consulting the employees. I switched to Sprint and then about 45 days later my co-workers got their Nextels back. I was so frustrated! I could only hope for a hybrid Curve!

  2. Release date for the New Blackberry Curve 8350i will be released 12/01/09.It will be $149.99 after a $100.00 mail in rebate. I will be able to get additional discounts on the device. You can contact me at trampolla@vazcom.net. Our company has locations in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin. We provide sales, service and support for the 5 major cellualr provider. I will be taking pre orders as of 11/2. Take advantage now. They are already have a high demand.

  3. JDCorey says:

    I called Telesales from my Nextel handset (611) today and ordered mine. They were able to offer me an additional $50 telesales-only invoice credit, as well as waive my $18.00 activation fee, and free shipping!! NICE! So, with the addtional $50 credit, plus tax, my complete price paid will have been $148.71 after i receive my $100 rebate check… cool beans.

    And to think that I came THAT CLOSE to ordering it online… And, to confirm, it is NOT a hybrid phone… totally 100% iDEN… thanks.

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