Motorola make MOTODEV Studio for UIQ 3.1 available

The other day, Motorola send out an email regarding the position of MOTODEV, their developer program, in relation to the Symbian Foundation announcement, and they have apparently followed that email up with another message this one dedicated to the availability of MOTODEV Studio for UIQ Beta.

Motorola said in their message:

MOTODEV Studio for UIQ supports both the UIQ 3.1 and the UIQ 3.3 beta SDKs, and offers emulated debugging, a package creation wizard, sample applications that you can leverage and much more.

Java developers can take advantage of key new features and APIs with MOTODEV Studio for Java ME v1.4. It incorporates all previous updates and adds support for the full Mobile Service Architecture and the SIP API for J2ME (JSR 180), as well as support for additional handsets.

You must have MOTODEV Studio for Java ME already installed before downloading version 1.4 with the built-in update system.

According to the MOTODEV Studio homepage, MOTODEV Studio offers developers, access all the tools and documentation you need in one place; develop across product lines from a single extensible, modular environment; create platform-specific applications for hot Motorola devices, even before they are available on the market; Maximize productivity with easy set-up and configuration, and stay up-to-date with the built-in update management system.

So, if you are a an old hand or budding developer for UIQ and want to find out further, take a trip to the MOTODEV Studio homepage and poke around.

Source — intomobile

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