Win $10000 for Sprint Samsung Instinct YouTube video contest

It seems Sprint really wants the Samsung Instinct to be a huge seller and they sure are pulling out all the stops to ensure it does and everyone is aware of the Instinct. The Samsung Instinct is the first seriously hot smartphone to forge out of the Sprint doors, and struggling Sprint is pushing it as hard as possible.

Sprint firstly opened a contest whereby mobile users stood a chance of winning a free Sprint Samsung Instinct mobile handset by submitting their mobile phone habits stories. Well now in a new attempt to promote even further, Sprint is offering any YouTube video maker the sum of $20.00 to “shamelessly plug” the Samsung Instinct in a new YouTube video.

For more information the contest is detailed on Sprint’s Samsung Instinct dedicated website, which asks you to “Sell Out Your Family!” for some strange reason. Anyway, the 1st 1,000 YouTube videos chosen by Sprint for the contest will win a Sprint endorsed cheque for $20.00, with one overall winner grabbing the top prize of $10,000.

The idea for this contest came from Goodby, Sprint’s advertising experts, and this brings the movies and TV show product placement into the home video arena, and thus exploiting a new area of advertising. It will be interesting to follow this Sprint initiative just to see how many Samsung Instinct videos show up.

Contest details here

Source — moconews

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