Vodafone buys up roughly three quarters of Ghana Telecom

Chine Mobile has the most subscribers, but Vodafone, in terms of revenue is the largest mobile operator in the world today, and it seems they want to remain that way, because Vodafone is now acquiring a whopping seventy percent stake in leading Ghana’s telecommunications operator, Ghana Telecom, purchasing from the government of Ghana for the princely sum of $900 million; the Ghana government will keep hold of the remaining thirty percent of Ghana Telecom.

Ghana Telecom is the number three mobile player with roughly seventeen percent of the market share, along with 1.4 million subscribers based on figures as of March 31st 08. Also Ghana Telecom lead in fixed line and broadband with around ninety-nine percent of the total number of lines with roughly ninety percent market share within the retail ASDL market; whilst Ghana Telecom’s revenue grew nine point three percent to $290 million during last year.

Apparently it is Vodafone’s plan to leverage their experience of rapid network deployment in India along with other emerging markets, and holds hopes to see Ghana Telecom’s market share rise in the region of twenty-five percent over time.

Vodafone is spreading its wings, already being the largest in the world in terms of revenue; one wonders just how long it will take for them to become the largest in subscribers as well, not long if they continue acquiring companies I should think.

Source — intomobile

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