Apple guide Japanese iPhone 3G with character recognition tour

It was obvious and expected for Apple to post an iPhone guided tour on their Japanese website, obviously to get the Japanese ready for the iconic iPhone, as with most other websites.

However, the one thing probably no one was expecting is to find the guided tour demonstrating the new character recognition feature that has been built into the Apple iPhone 2.0 OS firmware.

The new Apple iPhone 2.0 OS, having already gone “gold” will be bringing character recognition to those countries that have demographics less in line with “Apple Bob” and who would simply prefer someone a tad more Asian looking maybe like this guy in the image.

Not bad if you can actually understand Japanese, but then again it is only meant to be for the Japanese viewers. But if you fancy taking a look at the character recognition on the Apple iPhone 3G for Japan, feel free to hit up Apple Japan

Source — intomobile


One thought on “Apple guide Japanese iPhone 3G with character recognition tour”

  1. Apple was expected to have it, since it had already shown it for Chinese. Some people have been unhappy with that, so now it is even again.
    Also the first lines have been spotted in Tokyo for getting the iphone 3G. But it has to be seen if the iphone, especially with these monthly fees, will be really a seller. After all 3G is not new and a combination of a standard japanese 3g mobile and an ipod touch might do as well, for now this combination is cheeper.

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