How can I get an Apple iPhone 3G? Details on how!

Thanks to a source shown below the details here will show you how you can get an Apple iPhone 3G, hence the title above “How can I get an Apple iPhone 3G?

We all know that the iPhone 3G is nearly here but shortages are pretty worrying, it seems the iPhone 3G is pretty rare at the moment and the chances of getting one on Friday in stores is slim.

O2 reported that they had 13,000 orders per second, so here is the sources top tips on how to pick up your 3G Jesus phone.

It is best to stay out of the town centre, Carphone Warehouse and O2 have reported they will only have a few dozen handsets in-store, so it is advised to stay away from the more popular store in popular areas, best to find a small store in a very small town.

The traffic on the O2 website has been immense and like myself could not upgrade online, over 200,000 showed their interest for this new phone online. We know the stores cannot cope with the demand, the answer to the online store is to keep hitting the refresh button in your browser, O2 however are saying come back on the 10th July for more info.

Doors will open at 8am in the UK so we say get there early, and we mean early. You must remember stores that are outside of a shopping centre will open at 8am, but inside shopping centres may open a little later dependant on centers, we say hey camp out and have fun.

If you’re not camping out, you must be aware there will be a mad rush upon the launch date and there will be masses of customers wanting the same as you, so please do not get angry if pushing and shoving happens. The odds of you getting an upgrade are pretty damn slim on July 11th even though an O2 staff member has said it would be ok and you can. If you are a new customer we say be patient, well until new stocks arrive that is.

If you want to get your hands on one why not enter the iPhone 3G competition at Stuff.tv



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  1. Simon says:

    C’mon people, it’s just a phone for christ sake (a very good one nonetheless), but it’s not the second coming.
    Pun intended.

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