O2 attacked for misleading customers over iPhone 3G PAYG

O2 are going through the mill at the moment when it comes to customer satisfaction, well the latest news sees them under attack yet again.

O2 were slammed by customers for their website failure when it came to pre-ordering the iPhone 3G and resulting in us having to come back on July 10th for more information, well they have come under attack again for the what would be Pay & Go customers.

The iPhone 3G was announced some time back now which was announce by O2 in the UK, O2 said that the new device would be available to buy on a contract free basis, known as the Pay & Go (PAYG).

They also said that the Pay & Go will be available in 8GB models and 16GB models, pricing were supposed to be confirmed in the coming weeks after the announcement. The O2 site urged customers to register their interest for the iPhone 3G which obviously led many customers believing that the Pay & Go iPhone 3G would also be available on July 11th.

We are all still waiting for O2 to announce the pricing for the contract-free device, which must admit is really annoying many customers who have shown an interest. It looks like we will not see the Pay & Go iPhone 3G until around about Christmas time.

O2 customers and new customers soon to be are saying what they feel on the O2’s customer forums, can you blame them for getting angry because we cannot. One persons comment says “I too registered my interest on the iPhone 3G Pay & Go page fully believing that I would be able to purchase my phone on July 11th as O2 had not made any indication that this would not be the case and feel that I have been misled by O2 as they have clearly known this was not the case for the past few weeks since promotional material has now appeared in stores stating that ‘the iPhone 3G will be available on Pay & Go later this year”.

We have spoke to O2 and they say that the iPhone 3G on Pay & Go will be available in time for Christmas, more details to come apparently.

Source — O2 Customer Forum

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