iPhone 3G problems: Carphone Warehouse blame Apple not O2

We reported to you earlier on today about the Official O2 Confirmation: Existing iPhone customers can upgrade to 3G in-store. (See Here), well we have some more exclusive details from product-reviews.net.

We all know that O2 and Carphone Warehouse have Apple iPhone 3g shortage problems, we asked an O2 store in Hampshire if existing iPhone customers could upgrade to the 3G model, they said YES we could, but according to Daniel over at product-reviews he has heard different.

The Apple iPhone 3G is and of course hoping to be in our hands on July 11th which is this Friday, but the fun continues for the people in Kent. There has been some news from the Carphone Warehouse store in Kent.

At the local Kent-based Carphone Warehouse a customer services manager told Daniel form product-reviews.net that it is Apple’s fault not theirs or O2’s why there is little information on the iPhone 3G.

Daniel asked the manager at Carphone Warehouse if they will be letting existing iPhone owners upgrade in-store on the 11th, the member of staff said they do not know. He went on apparently to blame Apple for the lack of information; we here at Phones Review say damn you have some guts blaming Apple. The staff member did not even know the opening times of their store until yesterday.

See readers stick with Phones Review we will tell you how it is. Personally we really want to know why O2 and The Carphone Warehouse stores know nothing, who is to blame.
Just a recap: The Farnborough O2 Store in Hampshire said YES existing iPhone users can upgrade in store.


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  1. nichaelkay says:

    i went into margate in kent their was a cheap deal
    £15 a month on a new aser laptop at carphonewarehouse is this deal still on offer i am with talktalk i was wonder wether i could get this deal

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