AT&T Dead Zones means Apple iPhone 3G is useless

Many of you are looking forward to the new Apple iPhone 3G tomorrow and of course we included, but for AT&T users some customers will be unhappy.

The Apple iPhone 3G will be pretty useless in AT&T’s dead zones, we are talking about the fast 3G speeds of course. If you live is say Des Moines, Iowa, Burlington, Vermont or even Bozeman, Montana which are just a few we have named, you will be disappointed because these are 3G dead zones.

AT&T has not set up its 3G networks in many areas it has been said, this means AT&T are a little skimpy on the 3G network coverage.

If you want to benefit from the full speeds of 3G you need to be in an AT&T coverage area that supports 3G, oh and there are not many of these areas yet.

AT&T is saying they will expand the 3G coverage and that it will get faster over a period of time.

Check out the full story and the interactive maps here


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