Should I buy an Apple iPhone 3G: 8 reasons why you must

Yesterday we said “Should I really buy an iPhone 3G? 8 reasons why you shouldn’t (See Here), well today as promised we are asking “Should I buy an Apple iPhone 3G: 8 reasons why you should.

Tomorrow is the day and before we start, you might be happy to know that you can pre-order your upgrade now via The Carphone Warehouse. We have heard so much about the iPhone 3G and to tell you truth it is starting to bore me, yes it is an amazing phone but it seems we here at Phones Review are talking nothing but iPhone, sorry for this but we have to report the news as it comes in.

Let me give you unlike yesterday the reasons you should NOT buy the iPhone 3G and why you SHOULD but it.

Number One: MobileMe Support – MobileMe boasts several new features, including “Exchange for the rest of us.” It provides a simple way to keep everything up to date. If you make a change on your iPhone calendar, for example, it pushes the change into the Internet “cloud” and then automatically updates any other devices you have connected to MobileMe. This creates true device independence.

Number Two: Push email, contacts and calendar — The new iPhone 3G will now allow the same functions as the BlackBerry, oh yes new emails, address contacts and calendar appointments can be synced wirelessly as they happen, plus what is good is the fact you can wirelessly decline or accept meeting invitations. Emails can be deleted in bulk this time instead of one at a time on the previous model.

Number Three: 3G Browsing Speed — You will get near enough broadband speeds which is a must in today’s technology

Number Four: Advanced Email Management — We have all moaned about the way the email was set up, especially when it came to working on one email at a time, ok not much of a problem more of time consuming worries, but when you get more than 200 emails a day it does therefore become a problem. The new iPhone 3G supports mass email “Move & Delete”, you can also organize groups of messages by moving them into different mail folders which is pretty nifty.

Number Five: Better Email attachment support — The new iPhone 3G will have what is called iWork and Microsoft PowerPoint files, which means you will be able to open them up in your email and then view them right on you iPhone, oh yes even in landscape mode unlike the older iPhone. This is fantastic and cannot wait to see this in action with my very own eyes.

Number Six: Much Better Contact Functions — The new contacts functions will allow you to type in a name in the all new contacts search field, the iPhone will then show you all matching names for that search. If you use iPhone with Microsoft Exchange, you will be able to look up contacts in your company’s Global Address List (GAL).

Number Seven: Third-party applications. Basically the current iPhone has been a closed one unless it has be jail-broken of course, however the new iPhone 3G you can have as many apps as you like. Apple has unleashed many third-party developers; the web app store is open right now, more apps, more developing equals more fun.

Number Eight: Maps with built-in GPS – Yes we know we said yesterday this was crap and that you do not want AT&T knowing where you are, but hey that is what a reader said. Look at it this way, a Global Positioning Satellite system on the iPhone 3G that tells you your current location, never ever getting lost again, you can find shops instantly at the location you are in plus know about traffic, etc. You get my drift.

Now come on people complain that overall on a long contract is pretty expensive, but we say IT IS NOT when you think about it. Basically you have one of the most advanced devices in your pocket that can now basically do as much as your PC and laptop can do and more.

There are the 8 reasons why you SHOULD by the Apple iPhone 3G, now the choice is up to you.


3 thoughts on “Should I buy an Apple iPhone 3G: 8 reasons why you must”

  1. collie says:

    1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are all backported to the old iPhones and iPod touches. Everyone gets those.

    Unless you need GPS or 3G for certain, you don’t have to replace your old phone, and it’s going to be a large and unnecessary expense.

  2. let me give you 8 reasons why you should not buy it.

    1. no sms messaging
    2. no copy and paste
    3. only one camera with 2mp
    4. no video recording capability
    5. no flash on camera
    6. no adobe flash support when web browsing
    7. battery not changable, when it dies your dead.
    8. no bluetooth stereo support, only apple and afew other apple authroised ones are supported.

    the features i have mentioned here are avaiable in 2 year old mobile phones which cost ten times less than an iphone.

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