Does the HTC Diamond Touch the Apple iPhone 3G?

No matter how you look at it the comparison between the HTC Touch Diamond and the Apple iPhone 3G is always going to be there, so just how does the HTC Touch Diamond shape up against the Apple iPhone 3G?

The HTC Touch Diamond as the iPhone 3G is 3G with a touch-screen along with 4GB of storage, and being an elegant step up from the HTC Touch should be quite able to give the Apple iPhone 3G a race for the money as long as HTC can work with service providers to make sure they lower the price of the HTC Touch Diamond.

HTC announced a plan to sell the Touch Diamond in Taiwan for NT$2,999 that’s roughly $99.00 US on certain 3G contracts from Chunghwa Telecom. This dramatic price drop from the original price of NT$23,900 roughly $786.00 US!

So it’s shaping up that HTC is now preparing to offer the Touch Diamond for roughly the same around the world as long as they can strike a deal with service providers of course. The $99.00 US sure beats to a pulp Apple’s $199.00, so the Touch Diamond should do well against the Apple iPhone 3G.

The Touch Diamond is a good phone with a superior camera than the 3G iPhone and other extras that will help make it a good rival, as long as HTC is able to spread its new Taiwan price of US$99 to other parts of the world.

What is your view, would you prefer the HTC Touch Diamond over the Apple iPhone 3G if the price is right?

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13 thoughts on “Does the HTC Diamond Touch the Apple iPhone 3G?”

  1. Raj Mudhar says:

    If we stayed with Mac OS …. nothing would get done in this world..

    I mean geez… windows OS maynot be great.. but its the best and most widely used and easily accessible..

    stick with your Mac OS… maybe one day they will get some decent 3D game to come out on it at the same time its release for a PC.

  2. TheAre says:

    I just Payed $318 for a 16GB iPhone 3G at an AT&T store, they told me that I can exoect a call from them in about 13 to 20 days to pick up my new phone, I just cant wait anymore but what can I do. While I was waiting in line, there was a girl with a HTC WinMo phone, She looked disapointed as she looked on at people with iPhones doing the things they do with iPhones, As her turn came in line to see an AT&T rep., she said “I dont want this” and he asked her why? and she goes on saying how it crashes and it is not very useful, then she said, I think I want that phone as she looked at a couple watching and laughing at a YouTube vid with a baby in it. She said “they look so happy” and just like most of the other people there, they were buying gear for theyre iPhones. I now understand, the iPhone is not just a Mac thing any more, I have been a mac only guy since 1997 and Im starting to see a new trend, Apple is taking charge of U.S. Marketshair. I guess if Microsoft doesnt do something new fast, they will be a sinking ship if not already.

  3. Hello All,

    Well look i had both. I am a fan of technology and i work in technology. The Diamond Touch i got it as a DEMO for some time forom one of the local dealers. It is great, look, alot of functionality, but not even close to he IPHONE’s simplicity. I must say that the touch sensitivity and interactions are way below the IPHONE 3G. You can go and browse your conntact without a stylus, exept if your fingers are child size. OO the Batery life, Well I have made several times a full charge in th evening, nedxt day i had only two stripes left!!!
    Over all the product | DIAMOND” is nice and kinda cool, but to small screen for real touch, or internet browsing you can,but zoom, zooom , zooom.
    Iphone well Apple did it again, they did make a product that has a bunch of things missing, but it is still great, IT WORKS!

  4. goldeagle2005 says:

    Apple fanboys continue to fight valiantly. Gotta give credit for that. However, these days people don’t want just a phone – they want a device that works as a phonem, music player, camera, PDA, navigator all at once. Both the iPhone and the Touch meet the criteria. HOwever, IMHO the only thing the iPhone has going for it which rivals the Touch is it’s large display and the ‘cool’ factor. That said, I personally wouldn’t buy the iPhone. I text a lot – more so than make calls. People forward me texts all day and I keep forwarding those. The iPhone doesn’t have any option to forward a text message when even the basest off-strrt phone does. It doesn’t support A2DP or AVCRP – so much for my HT820s. It doesn’t have an FM radio built in. It’s got a lousy 2MP camera versus 3.2 for the Touch. iPhone 3G only offers A-GPS while the Touch offers A-GPS and GPS. Give me the Touch anyday!

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