Vodafone rip off iPhone customers, they defend pricing plans

The New Zealand Herald has something pretty special to say and must say really intrigued to what they had to say. We will give an insight of what they had to say in brief.

Basically they say that the consumer response to Vodafone’s iPhone 3G pricing plans has been pretty damn quick and in fact quite brutal, but Vodafone is defending the data costs, obviously we will let all you “Phones Review” readers be the judge of that.

AS of Henderson said he was looking forward in buying the iPhone as so were those in his office, but after he saw the pricing plans he had second thoughts. “It’s a total rip off by Vodafone. I had accepted that there will be a contract but not with these prices.”

What we really like is he said that Vodafone executives have their heads so far up each others behinds (we call it an ass), the news states that the prices are two to three more times expensive then other plans.

Anyway the New Zealand Times reports that to purchase the iPhone outright it will cost $979 for the 8GB version and $1129 for the 16GB, buying an iPhone on a two-year contract is possible on three different data plans, with the 250MB package costing $80 per month with the two versions priced at $549 and $699 respectively.

Read the full report here.

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