Apple Discussion Page Closed: They cannot handle iPhone 2.0 Update users

It seems Apple cannot even be bothered to chat with peed off customers about the problems with iPhone 2.0 update and iTunes or they have just crashed as well due to major complaints flying in.

We are getting so many people coming to Phones Review to complain about the iTunes problem which has left their Apple iPhones bricked, you know dead only good for emergency calls.

We visited Apple’s discussion page on their website and to my amazement the pages says “We’ll be back soon”.

Phones Review Says: Apple you really need to pull your fingers out here, we know you have had a hectic day and demand for the iPhone 3G and many customers are downloading iPhone 2.0 update, but come on this is not good enough.

Just look at the comments we are receiving, there are many ticked of customers who need their phones myself included, I have a phone that is not a phone, ok I can call emergency services but I do not need them, what shall I call the police and say I have no phone.

All of the readers that are coming here we wish to say we are on your side and that we feel for you. We are going through the same crap you are which is blatantly out of order.

Update: Seems like Apple’s discussion page is up and running again, still not good enough Apple, we want our phones back.


3 thoughts on “Apple Discussion Page Closed: They cannot handle iPhone 2.0 Update users”

  1. Bryan says:

    All very true,
    I think I just got it to got though. Your best bet is to do work and continually unplug and replug when the error message shows up. In an hour or two it will go through.

    APPLE! If you can’t handle it- warn us so our day isn’t jeopardized. Some of us actually do work with our phones rather than just stare at it. If you want to be used in the professional world. Be professional!

  2. Douglas says:

    Hey Apple… I think you should make a Microsoft Phone vs. iPhone commercial. This time you will need to be honest about things and tell people all you care about is money. I’m still paying my AT&T bill but my phone is a brick thanks to your planning. I guess the “major surgery” commercial you made where the PC needs to get updated to Vista came out much better than my iPhone update. So, stop all the lies, stop collecting peoples money and fix the problems for the people who have already shelled out hundred, if not thousands of dollars on your crap. I really dislike Apple. Oh, while your at it, hey Steve Jobs, nice job ignoring your child for so many years. You are a real stand up man. Bill Gates would never do that but then we don’t see this in any Apple commercials.

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