Apple Truly Stitch Us Up: No iPhone 3G, handsets are killed

Ok, so let’s take a solid look at iPhone 3G day and just what is happening with the new Apple iPhone 3G. Following on with my colleague’s earlier posts concerning the iTunes, iPhone 2.0 update; stating that connection to iTunes was being a right pain in the butt…see here.

And his other earlier post concerning My iPhone is not working after 2.0 update, whereby after eventually managing to actually connect to iTunes, and believing everything was running hunky dory, it turns out that his iPhone is now somewhat of a mobile corpse…see here.

Now apparently Apple MobileMe is also on the blink as blogs devoted to Apple news and rumours were clogged with messages from people who couldn’t log on to either account using their Web browser.

Bill Evans, an Apple Spokesman gave an interview on Thursday in which he said: “The MobileMe transition is under way but is taking longer than expected. The new Web applications are not yet online but the rest of the service is up and running.”

Robert Palmer, a paid blogger for Time Warner Inc.-owned The Unofficial Apple Weblog, posted on this subject and received more than 80 replied from people who were experiencing their own technical difficulties with the site.

Basically what I am getting at here is was Apple actually ready for the iPhone 3G launch? Did they actually imagine what could and would happen when customers wanted the iPhone 3G?

If so why didn’t the MobileMe and iTunes site cope with the influx of demand? But most importantly the question is WHY are iPhone 3G’s dying on their owners?

Questions that will no doubt be answered in due course, but then that doesn’t actually help out the irate iPhone owner now does it?

Personal view is…Apple and its websites wasn’t ready, they weren’t prepared for the demand, and the thing is, they should have been.

So are you experiencing this death of your iPhone, feeling stitched up? If so let us know.

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