iTunes, iPhone 2.0 Update Latest News: SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0

Yes like many of you still trying to connect to iTunes and yes you got it no such luck, the latest news we have found is when trying to connect.

When you try to connect to iTunes you will be prompted with an onscreen message saying:

“We could not complete your iTunes Store request; a secure network connection could not be established. It then goes on asking for you to do something.

itunes connection problems

It says “Make sure SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0 is enabled in the Internet Options control panel, then try again.

Well you got it again, this is complete crap as I have checked the settings and they are both indeed enabled. It looks like we will not have an iPhone today people; my iPhone is completely dead with nothing on it at all.

Please let us know what is happening your end, we want you to vent your anger out in here, go on go to the comments area below.


355 thoughts on “iTunes, iPhone 2.0 Update Latest News: SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0”

  1. george says:

    I’ve got the same problem…its an Iphone i got in december, but I was trying to update to the new 2.0 version, and that is the same prompt I get. My settings are what it requests I have, so I can’t figure out what is wrong. Problem is, I now no longer have a phone.

  2. mark says:

    Me too. Tried everything I could think of. SSL 3.0 and TSL 1.0 are enabled. I restarted, yada yada. I should have known not to do this….. I gotta stop being on the bleeding edge. Now I have a dead phone.

  3. joe says:

    I’m really freaking annoyed I waited on the phone for 30 minutes for the iphone rep to get an attitude and tell me what was wrong before I could get a word in. I don’t understand why apple wouldn’t have posted some type of notice warning against downloading the 2.0 upgrade today. Now myself and countless other iphone users are going to be phoneless until the server clears up. How could a company like apple not anticipate the server overload and compensate accordingly? What aholes!

  4. James says:

    I can’t believe it i have had the same thing and did what Ben did at least i know im not the only on thankgod. I cant’t believe it i was looking forward to this soooooo much.

  5. mark says:

    Looks like it is on Apple’s end. I tried again, and I got a message stating that iphone activations are unavailable at this time. WTF? I am not activating, as I have had this phone for months.

  6. Same here. This sucks! Going to the apple store as I can’t be without a phone. Hope the lines aren’t long and I hope I don’t get suckered into upgrading.

  7. James says:

    Sorry also forgot to say if this is any help don’t do any of that windows/system32/drivers/etc thing doesn’t work already tried it so don’t go messing up your computer!!!!

  8. Dale in Arizona USA says:

    I rebooted and tried again, making sure i had both SSL3 and TLS1 and this time it timed out getting connected to iTunes store.

    Dont know if this is progress or not

  9. Bruno says:

    I plugged in my iphone this morning to my mac and it started downloading the new update and when it was restoring my firmware and error screen popped up and it told me my iphone cound not find the firmware. Then my iphone went dead and itunes told me that I had to restore my phone. So I did and then another error came up and now my iphone is completely dead. I’ve been on hold with AT&T for 45 minutes now.

  10. Gavin says:

    Yep. Me too! I was having a few freezing problems with my ‘old’ iphone and tried to restore just after downloading the new version of itunes. Now I’m getting the above message and my phone is dead! it shows the picture suggesting I should plug it into itunes!….er…duh! Nightmare, I have no phone!

  11. Eric says:

    i agree with Bruno — maybe it’s just too many people are trying at once.. guess the best possible solution is to wait it out, which DOES suck, because as stated, we will obviously be without phones for a hot f*ckin minute!

  12. Bill says:

    I had that but now it just says “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection timed out.” I’m pissed. I dont have a phone…. I kinda need it today.

  13. Holy crap there’s loads of us!! 🙂

    I tried the windows/system32/apple thing but my host file had no reference to apple.

    Just to confirm, I’m on Win XP Pro and iTunes 7.7. iPod is fine, iPhone 3G is not hacked as I only just picked it up from a rather fit bird in CPW.

  14. Jim says:

    The apple forums are flooded with people having this same issue.

    Looks like apple servers are getting crushed and the solution is to keep trying and eventually you’ll get in.

  15. Eric says:

    my error message has changed as well..

    now it’s a timeout message.. so.. i keep picking my phone up and docking it.. trying to force my way in… hahaha

  16. Graham Hoyle says:

    Me Too!! updating to ver2… Should have expected it I supose. the only thing you can be sure of is that no-one will say sorry

  17. Daniel says:

    As I keep crunching at this it’s becoming more evident that it’s a server-side problem. I’ve changed none of my settings and my error has changed from the SSL one to the network time-out one, so I’m breathing a little easier. Still a pain to not have a phone. Guess I’ll take my dock with me to work and keep trying 🙂

  18. Gavin says:

    Bruno, no. I initially had the message that we appeared to have, e.g. SSL TSL, blah blah. I was restoring my iphone has I was having some problems with it freezing….what an idiot day to pick. Anyway, now I’m getting the timing out network message mentioned. I could strangle that Jobs fella…they must’ve known there would be a huge attack on their servers today….why not spread it over a few days for certain areas. I’m UK by the way.

  19. Eric says:

    yeah, agreed Daniel, at first i started freaking out.. but the change in error message proves it’s server related, so.. just keep trying guys… we’ll get through eventually!

  20. Eric says:

    true Bruno, but they should have also anticipated that there would be TONS of people trying to update at the same exact time.. they could have helped us out a bit, more servers, something.. LOL

  21. Daniel says:

    After rebooting everything I’m back to the SSL error, so it does look like this is a mighty random, server-side error. In the meantime I’m going to call ATT and have them forward my calls to SkypeIn. I believe ATT can setup call forwarding if you can call them (somehow) or maybe do live chat on their site. Anyways, if you have a temporarily bricked phone I’d advise you forward your calls so you don’t miss something important today.

    From what I’ve seen, and much as I right now I am almost too angry to say it, but 2.0 is worth it 🙂

  22. Yeah this sucks, I’ve got the same problem. I took a half day at work so i could be in to sign for the phone and now i cant even use the damn thing!!

    Im glad it’s not just me though. At least im not suffering alone!

  23. Dan says:

    Well, just did the update and I have joined the “can’t use my Iphone” camp. Tired of a 30 minute hold for Tech support – so I guess I have no phone until they get their act together. THIS BITES.

  24. Joey says:

    I’ve had it with the iPhone…time to go back to something that doesn’t have this level of software issues! How can my phone not work, I use this for a business???!!!!

  25. MemphisDave says:

    Just picked one up in Memphis. Same problem here. We are assuming the site has been flooded. Hopefully that’s the problem. It’s 8am on the West coast now = all stores should be open now…Probably no hope for hours. The East Coast had a chance earlier this morning.
    Without a phone now,

  26. george says:

    what pisses me off is that this is happening to the old phones too, that are just trying to update….did apple not think they would get swarmed?!?! prepare a little, perhaps?

  27. art says:

    This is painful and aggravating. Guess it is like one guy said above, this is what we get for trying to update on the first day. Here I am, out of state, on an important trip with no phone… Is that a dead and useless iPhone in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

  28. iPhone Pisses Me Off says:

    This is absolutely insane. How can a company like Apple not be prepared for something like this?!? Now my wifes phone is dead (did mine yesterday :))… I’ve absolutely had it with these companies that market all this wonderful stuff and then when THEY ABSOLUTELY KNOW that there will be tons of people trying to activate new phones and update old phones…. THAT THEY WOULD ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!

  29. joe says:

    I think its quite funny that we 2g users can’t update our phones because the server is too busy and yet the server is running fast enough to allow you to connect to itunes and purchase as many apps as you want.

  30. Tony says:

    I just left the Apple Store in Cambridge MA and they informed me that Apples servers are indeed being overloaded right now and that they have had people calling them all day about it. The guy said he got his to work by literally docking and undocking his phone until it finally worked. Said it took him approx. 30 minutes of straight doing that. I will probably just wait until the middle of the night to try it again. Good luck everyone.

  31. joe says:

    I purchased a bunch of apps last night, downloaded 2.0 this morning and then started getting an error message asking me to connect to itunes. However, whenever I connect to itunes the server times out. Well at least apple made a few million prior to every iphone user suffering.

  32. Roliel says:

    I get it! Apple wasn’t worried about the support requests because they knew that even though the servers would be overloaded, since my phone cannot call out until it is activated, I can’t call them for support!

  33. eb says:

    Ai yai yai…why oh why can’t I resist the temptation to download a new version the day it’s available? Gizmodo is calling this the “iPocalypse”…lol

  34. Mike Ruffner says:

    We could all use the only function still working and call 911 like an Apple help desk…(Not legal and would result in a fine and possible jail time, but would illustrate the importance of having a working phone)!

  35. Dan says:

    I can’t even use the 911 function – no bars no signal. But, the error message has changed from the ssl 3.0 error to timed out message.

  36. Van says:

    Grrr. It’s happening on Macs to (no suprise) but we get the error “WE COULD NOT COMPLETE YOUR ITUNES STORE REQUEST. AN UNKNOWN ERROR OCCURED (-9838).” Anyone get any timetable from Apple yet?

  37. Daniel says:

    I said it above but I’ll plug it again.

    Productivity idea for people who NEED a phone today (including me):

    Before doing this, call yourself and check your voicemail. You won’t be able to do that (as far as I can tell) after this fix.

    If you can get to some sort of working phone, you should still be able to call ATT @ 1-800-331-0500 and ask them to forward your calls to some number you do have access to: a spouse, houseline, work number, SkypeIn, etc. That way, when you get calls, at least they go somewhere…

  38. Daniel says:

    This is probably kind of self-defeating in that everytime one of us posts that we were successful, EVERYBODY is going to try.

    Fun stuff though. I’m glad I’m not alone on this.

  39. bryan says:

    I was giving my old iphone to my wife and now it is bricked. Total loss cannot even make emrgency calls. I also got a new 3G phone this morning and cannot even activate it. The store was unable to do it at 8:15am CST. I have been trying all morning since with no luck. WTF, is Apple on crack? how do you not prepare for something like this.

    BTW Eric, it is stored under the user folder under AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

  40. iphone321 says:

    the same thing happens to me!! I have been on hold with apple for 25 minutes!!! you know, you would think apple would test this before they bricked 100s of iPhones for lord knows how long!!!!!!!


    After i recieved the above error, i clicked on the ok button and then clicked the eject iPhone button on the bottom right of iTunes. After this i unplugged the cable from the phone side and plugged it back in. Immediately iTunes jumped up with an activation page and i was able to log in with my itunes account and activate the phone. Everything works like a champ now. GOOD LUCK!

  42. john says:

    it went from the ssl 3.0 message to connection timeout. even tho that is still bad its progress. i think their servers are going to be jammed for the next day or so. at least we know if we (the people) want somthing we can overload someones website server just by forming a mass of angry web surfers.

  43. mark says:

    after hitting the itunes store and then the iphone everytime it timed out, mine finally connected and is restoring my data from back up now. Looks like it will be back on shortly. Only 2 hours of work to upgrade the firmware…..

  44. Carl says:

    Same here Bryan. I now have a brand new 3G and my existing iphone both not working. What makes it worse is I am now into a new 18 month contract.

    Fancy launching worldwide without the capability to run it.

  45. Marc says:

    I just got to the “restoring from backup” phase … at least I’m not in emergency mode anymore … whew!

    1hr late for work now … 🙁

    I just kept unplugging/replugging the sync cord until the SSL 3.0 message stopped.

    After that, it was saying network timeouts … for this one, I’d just click back and forth between the iPhone and library … eventually, it connected and continued.

  46. john says:

    people relax. it will be better soon. iphone doesn’t suck. soon as you have firmare 2.0 you’ll be happy as a kid in a candy store. we just have to be a little patient. although it is our $200 – $600 dollAR babies on the line.

  47. Garth says:

    Whom ever planned this apple rollout is an idiot, surely this FOOL would have thought that people would be trying to activate in the stores and people get a popup on their machine saying an update is available do you want it. You frikking idiots, release V2.0 a few days before or after the release of the 3G. Jobs is sick he has dimensia.

  48. i use this phone for business same shit happened to me now my phone is dead and none of my client can’t contact me and the sad thing is i waited 5 hours this morning to get this phone.

  49. Jeff says:

    Definitely server overload. I’m bummed…sitting here with a $200 iBrick right now…but at least it *will* work after things calm down.

    If you are worrying about the SSL/TLS message, don’t. It will eventually switch over to a timeout message, which is really just the iPhone attempting to unlock…not iTunes itself (regardless of what the message says). Hang in there and keep clicking on iTunes Store, and then back to iPhone. Eventually you will get through!

  50. Nathan says:

    My phone is not updating, I keep clicking in and out of the iphone button in iTunes until I connect, but I could also wait, until you know, the mad rush is over? Seriously, some of you people are just nuts over this kind of stuff.

    “But meh…They should KNOW we are all rushing out to get their PRODUCT AND ACCOMODATE ME!”

    Well congradulations, you are one of the first people to get the new iPhone, or upgrade your old one to 2.0. Now please be quiet.

    Oh you can’t afford to have your phone offline for even 5 minutes? I doubt you are such a business savvy professional that you do all work from one phone.

  51. Count me in. I have an edge iPhone and tried upgrading to 2.0. ITunes is throwing the SSL error and now I am completely locked out of my phone.

    Why does this have to involve locking my phone? I’ve had my phone for a year and now Apple is treating me like a criminal because they can’t handle their servers?

    The arguments I’ve heard from proponents of this stiff-arming policy is, “if you’re not doing wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about”.


  52. Marc says:

    I’m in Arizona USA.

    16 GB model I bought a few months ago.

    This AM I thought what the heck, I’ll upgrade. (not considering the server loads)

    After the iTunes upgrade I selected the iPhone upgrade and hit the shower. Upon my return, instead of a 2.0 update, I got the emergency phone call screen.

    I checked my hosts file (nothing in there). I flushed my DNS (no improvement). I restarted iTunes a dozen times, and restarted and shutdown my PC. I played with popup settings and firewall stuff.

    The only thing that worked for me was a bunch of unplugging/replugging to eliminate the SSL 3.0 message. Once that one stopped, I clicked around in iTunes getting network timeout error messages … then the iPhone restore screen appeared.

    Just keep trying … you’ll get thru …

  53. Mike says:

    I have an EMERGENCY here so can EVERYONE STOP PLUGGING AND UNPLUGGING for the next half hour so I can get mine to work. My wife is in labor and i can’t get her to the hospital until I get my iPhone to update.;-)

  54. Rob says:

    Irritating I activated mine this morning then wiped it because I accidentally loaded my ENTIRE gmail contact list onto the phone and couldn’t find the option to remove it.

    And now the system is down for activating… grrrr!

  55. Pete says:

    Mine was giving the error for a while about make sure ssl 3.0 blah, blah, blah, but now it is just saying the network has timed out and I should try it again. Maybe that means a little bit of progress on Apple’s end. I hope this is over soon.

  56. Jon says:

    Still waiting…but I just want to say thanks for posting this…I’d hate to see what I’d be doing if I didn’t know that many other people were having the same problem. At least we all know we’ll have our phones back…sometime.

  57. Mike says:

    Everyone who is still trying here is what you do. Unplug your IPhone, Close ITunes, Wait 5 Minutes and then hopefully that will be just long enough and just enough of you to free up some bandwidth for ME 🙂

  58. Adam UK says:

    Didn’t get a 3G when they went on pre sale on Monday cause server crashed, didn’t get one today cause store only had 1 16GB and then I am left with a brick trying to update to 2.0……..What a crap week it’s been….cheers Apple & O2

  59. The Man says:

    Damn it!!!! this happened when i bought the phone last year…waited 1 week until apple server came up and now its happening to me now just for a freaking update,.,.,,,.. oh F U APPLE!!! F U !!!!

  60. Syed says:

    It is happening to me too, except for my ipod touch……..it says that it cannot complete the request and that itunes store is temporarily unavailable, and to try again later

    i called apple and they said that there was a problem with the release of iTunes 7.7 with iPhone 2.0, and they are doing all they can to try and fix it right now…..but no word on when they think that it will be fixed. they told me to keep on checking

    hope this helps to clear things up…..

  61. dave says:

    this clicking back and forth just doesnt get any more fun than this…. hour wasted so far and i have to travel but i CANT until this is taken care of…. thanks apple

  62. Syed says:

    oh yea, it says that there is a new 2.0 update for the ipod, but i cant get iTunes to download it…..it says the same thing stated above

  63. Leo says:

    i was waiting so long for this update… i stood up hopin i could be the first to update… lol.. i was dying for this… now look… apple seems to fuck it all up.. good job… i keep unplugging and plugging… and nothing… same shit…
    no iphone…

  64. Jon says:

    Wow I’m not counting but well over a hundred for me. Are you unplugging yours every time? I’m just clicking back and forth from the store to the iphone…seemingly has the same effect.

  65. Ben says:

    I have probably tried like 40 times now………………………………………………..i took a long break from it for about an hour because i was trying to search up what i could do.

  66. Sarah Lee says:

    Ugh! I love my iPhone and I was too excited about the whole update, app store, mobile me, etc. and deep down I KNEW better than to update it so soon, this ALWAYS happens. My iPhone is nothing more than a paperweight at the moment. It’s giving me error after error, saying it can’t connect to the server, connection has timed out, SPL 3.0 TLS 1.0 etc etc etc. So here I set in the same boat as everyone else on here and I’m exasperated. Let me know if anyone hears a fix for the problem or knows a way around this. Thanks! scooby519@gmail.com

  67. peg says:

    have been waiting for 40 min. phone dead……

    I love the iphone. It is an amazing tool!!

    no service, emergency calls only

    cannot connect to itunes to even restore

    Texas, USA

  68. Steve Jobs says:

    People remain calm. We are giving Americans access first because they are the superior race. Everyone else will have to wait 2 days. Thanks. =0

  69. John says:

    I lost count at 10, no more visible digits. : P

    West Lafayette, Indiana

    I actually preferred the -9838 errors.
    The -9838 error returned within 5 seconds.
    The -4 error takes minutes, and gives hope with the whole accessing iTunes Store…

  70. Pablo says:

    Really irritating! Apple sure knew that something like this was going to happen. I am sure Steve Jobs and comrades are laughing at us. -Steve there is a special place in hell for you!

  71. tickle my fancy says:

    there’re just too many of us. we’re all so damn pissed at them now, but i’d bet anything they won’t be hurt by this. i want the update, and will be sheepishly happy when i get it, ha.

  72. jeff says:

    OK I think i have a fix
    take your iphone out of the dock for 10 minutes and remove the sim. Then Open Itunes and plug your iphone back in.

    (lol while I update)

  73. Nathan says:

    I downloaded some 220 mb restore file, and I didn’t see it do anything with it, even when I double clicked on it. now it’s not telling me the SSL 3.0 error, it’s just a timeout error.


  74. Carl says:

    Trouble is, in the UK, we are all in bed when the Americans will still be trying. That should make the server at least a little less pulled out. 🙂

  75. NightOps says:

    Well, I’ve been on since 10:00 AM EST when I came back from getting my 3G. Unfortunately even my i-Light 40Mbps connection isn’t doing much better than my home. I can access the iTunes store…but not my iPhone to activate. Oh well.

    Greencastle, IN

  76. Jon says:

    Has anyone else gotten it recently? Ugh just getting busier as the lazy ones roll out of bed. I don’t believe the whole “line” thing I think you just have to get really lucky.

  77. Xavier says:

    “Apple Store personnel have informed Nate Mook in Towson that the AT&T activation system is once again officially down. Sales lines were halted apparently soon after stores in the Pacific time zone, including California, had their activation systems come online”

  78. brandon says:

    i started trying at 8:30AM and its been like this since. i have my phone updated but im stuck at emergency calls only like everyone else. so the issue is server load and servers going down over and over?

  79. Jon says:

    hahaha yeah I suppose we’d have to survive first…OR just get another phone. But they KNOW we’ll stick with theirs! Dammit Apple you’re good.

  80. brandon says:

    i even downloaded all the apps i wanted last night with hopes that i would avoid something like this. who would have thought that simply getting the new update wouldnt work…

  81. peg says:

    from iphoneblog

    As we just noted earlier today, iTunes is feeling the hurt of all the traffic today. Case in point: Activation is confirmed to be down all across Canada. We’re also getting reports that some people who did manage to buy an iPhone 3G are stuck in emergency call mode and can’t activate. It seems that activation is so tough right now some AT&T stores are letting customers leave without activating their iPhones. Our advice: do not leave the store without getting it activated, at least for today.
    Meanwhile, there’s even worse news: people who applied the 2.0 update to their first-generation iPhones are reporting in the comments that since iTunes is hurting so much, they can’t connect to activate their phone.
    In other words, hold off on that update for a bit, otherwise the only person you may be able to call today is going to be 911, and as unhappy as you may be about the entire situation, the police really don’t want to hear about it.
    Quick Update: If you’re looking at a non-functional iPhone 3G that can’t be activated but your old phone had its SIM de-activated, pop the new sim out and slap it in your old phone so you can at least make some calls and suchlike.

  82. peg says:

    from iphoneblog

    iTunes is feeling the hurt of all the traffic today. Case in point: Activation is confirmed to be down all across Canada. We’re also getting reports that some people who did manage to buy an iPhone 3G are stuck in emergency call mode and can’t activate. It seems that activation is so tough right now some AT&T stores are letting customers leave without activating their iPhones. Our advice: do not leave the store without getting it activated, at least for today.
    Meanwhile, there’s even worse news: people who applied the 2.0 update to their first-generation iPhones are reporting in the comments that since iTunes is hurting so much, they can’t connect to activate their phone.
    In other words, hold off on that update for a bit, otherwise the only person you may be able to call today is going to be 911, and as unhappy as you may be about the entire situation, the police really don’t want to hear about it.
    Quick Update: If you’re looking at a non-functional iPhone 3G that can’t be activated but your old phone had its SIM de-activated, pop the new sim out and slap it in your old phone so you can at least make some calls and suchlike.

  83. Jay says:

    Yeah I had to call my boss an makeup some story about how late I was going to be only to run out of time and have to goto work with no phone!

  84. Martini says:

    So this update doesn’t come with a backup feature? I could’ve sworn I saw it backing up my iPhone.
    Wait, a system restore would make too much sense, why would the almighty apple need a backup plan? HA!

    Eh, I’m sure Apple’s flipping they’re shit too, but probably not as much as those of us who are PHONELESS.

  85. Darren says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous.

    Firstly there was NOTHING to say that we would experience problems with the upgrade

    Secondly why can’t we just revert back to the old version while the useless people at Apple sort out their mess?

  86. AsaMac says:

    Trying to update in the UK and the same things happening. Looks like I wont be playing Monkeyball any time soon.

    (Updated old iPhone to 2.0 BTW)

  87. Matt says:

    Just got the same thing here, using a factory iPhone EDGE I got last year, updated to 2.0, and now my phone is locked and iTunes won’t connect. Awesome Apple, I’m leaving for Italy tomorrow and I don’t have a phone.

  88. Larky says:

    This is nuts. My phone is now a brick, I’ve tried manual restore to 1.1.4, manual to 2.0 etc. No matter what you do it gets stuck at the iTunes part. Called tech support, they said to unplug then plug back in over and over until it works! They also said it could take 48 hours.

  89. Navid says:

    hahaahaha i got in suckas!

    itunes is restoring my music again. I got the original iPhone…can’t wait to put on my new apps!!

    Good Luck everyone

    I just kept trying and got thru.

    And apple is still great.. you kinda have to assume this would’ve happened, after all its a world wide release.

  90. iphonelover says:

    I told them so, you don’t release the software update on the same day you make the 3G available. It will jam things up. At least a week in advance. What a stupid thing to do. Apple should be beyond that kind of thoughtlessness.

  91. Larky says:

    No, it’s now worked but the phone is running like a pig. Typing is really slow, I get the feeling it’s not exactly running as it’s supposed to. I can’t SMS and don’t have visual voicemail.

  92. Chandler says:

    I avoided the 3G hype but thought i would check out version 2.0 software on my existing iPhone. Like everyone else, now stuck with a brick on the desk and no phone to use. This is outrageous!!

  93. theodius says:

    Anyone know if you can you take out the SIM (of an old iPhone) and put in a regular old cell phone (old cingular SLVR). Might do this until the nitwits at Apple/ATT or whoever’s fault it is, get their act together.

  94. Rask says:

    If you have an old at&t phone, pop the sim card out of your iBrick and into the old phone to use as a backup until the servers are back up. I did this with an old $20 prepaid phone I had, and it works! Yes, it feels like the stone age, but it makes and receives calls!

  95. ha! i got a different message, i keep getting:
    “We could not complete your itunes store request. The network connection timed out. Make sure your network connections are correct and your network connection is active, then try again.”

    i’ve been trying for over 2 hours now, meanwhile i don’t have a working phone.

  96. Darren says:

    For those of you in the UK that have just spent your hard earned cash on the iPhone might be interested in what O2 says about activation….

    “Customers new to O2 can start using their device once they have synced with iTunes and the phone account has been activated. When syncing with iTunes you may see ‘Activation cannot be completed without service.’ The activation of the mobile service for new customers will be within 2 to 3 days given the volume of sales on Friday.”

  97. 2 to 3 days?!??!?!??!?!?!?!? That’s a joke. I used to be with O2 and i hated them, so i went with Orange, but because the iPhone is ONLY available on O2 i had no choice.

    This is shit.

  98. no 3g 4 me says:

    i was trying to sync my phone when a msg from o2 came after i read that the phone was good to go. im still getting the same shit on itunes but i an use the phone

  99. HA!!! just keep trying guys. It’ll work.

    It’s not my luck, i assure you; i have terrible luck.

    It works if you keep alternating tabs and never disconnect. Honestly, it only took like 5 minutes once i did that.

    It will be wonderful. I love you.

  100. DiddyHo says:

    We should have hired google for activation purposes. They handle many more than a few million hits per day. We are all just suckers. I have been here since 7:30am trying to get my OLD iPhone to work…why the H@#$ do we have to activate this thing again! Retards.

  101. Carl says:

    I like how Itunes throws up an error message asking me to check my settings as though its my fault. Why cant they just throw up a server busy, try later message.

  102. I really hate O2 bunch of monkeys & now apple as well!
    Just downloaded v2.0 firmware as been having problems with poor or no signal and now can’t connect on itunes site.

    Phoned Apple support guy Mr patel and he accused me of dropping my phone !!!!

  103. Tony says:

    Same problem, got this messege :

    “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection timeout. Make sure your settings……bla bla”

    Bn trying for 2 hours now

  104. Paul says:

    The activation of the O2 account is a separate issue to being able to register the newly aquired iBrick 3G. Even this would be a plus, activating a SIM… happy to have that conversation next!

    Given time zones, the US is going to be hitting itunes right through to midnight, so you UK boys hop off and let me keep an eye on it 😉

    Basingstoke, Hampshire ……….

  105. Paul says:

    Another positive, while we’re fecking around with dead phones, Apple are losing revenue on itunes and apps downloads!

    Majestic on the other hand are seeing sales up for wine and beer, boost to the UK economy… and, while we’re all in trying to activate phones, stabbings across the UK have plummeted 😉

    maybe this is a global ploy to get the economy back on track

  106. Garth says:

    Okay, another issue. The phone seems real sluggish after the update. Did a reboot and still seems to lag on wireless and keyboard. Downloads seem fine but general response sucks.

  107. fsdfer says:

    omg it finally works, im so happy, im leaving on a trip in a few hours and i thought i would go without out an iphone, thank god it finally works, dont give up

  108. ant says:

    This is crazy! After 4 hours of wearing my hands out from clicking Music to iPhone my iPhone lit up, I looked down and jumped up!!! IT’S WORKING!!!!!!!!!! When this moment comes guys, you will forget all the misery it had caused!!

    Good luck!!!

  109. kurt jenrette says:

    i was having the same problem as everyone kept gettin same message itunes store could not process your request connection timed out or something like that i just kept clicking on iphone and it finally went through

  110. Allen Shorter says:

    I just got in…I guess says restoring iPhone from Backup… I have been trying off and on (mostly on) for the last 5 hours. Got to play a lot of solitaire on the PC while I waited.

    I am in Gainesville, FL.

  111. Jon says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little over 5 hours and I got it! Good luck all…don’t unplug…and I’ll keep everyone posted.

  112. kurt jenrette says:

    i got 2.0 last night and had it installled and working but my mail app was messed up so i waited for the official release and now it finally works

    and i read that maybe this weekend winpwn will be released for 2.0 and we can all have the best of both worlds

  113. CJAY says:

    funny thing happened i dock undock phone and without accessing itune, now it says, iPHONE is activated and got all my txt messages ppl sent in couple of hours but yes I lost all data 🙁 Or, wait now restoring from back up…

  114. Prash says:

    Ahhh..Finally… It got through.. Guys I’m from London and have been trying for 8 hours..just got in..keep trying!All the best but this experience hurts

  115. theodius says:

    In NYC, started trying at 10am, it’s now 3:15pm and it’s finally restoring (although now it’s waiting for activation… could just be tease or another level of waiting). What a debacle. Guess I’ll wait a day next time. Hate having the same problem as everyone else.

  116. Jon says:

    I know…after 5 hours (seemingly the new magic number) you get Apple’s “cute” little message…”restoring from back up…this may take awhile.”

  117. Xavier says:

    After 6 hours, I read that if you leave it plugged for like 15 minutes then try it it works. Well I did and it is restoring now. Good luck

  118. Katie says:

    ok kids… anyone still having an issue, eject the i phone like you’re supposed to, close everything down , restart the computer, restart itunes and plug it back in… should do the trick.
    Amazing how the a$$hats at apple didn’t think to put a disclaimer on the install site saying that the server was overloaded.

  119. Katie says:

    ok guys… if you’re still stuck, here’s what worked for me….
    after about 700 tries I ejected the iphone, closed i tunes, shut down the computer, rebooted, opened itunes and re-connected the iphone. as soon as i did everything started downloading and I didn’t lose any data and my phone is not sluggish like some are reporting. Good luck!

  120. Matt says:

    kaite, where is the install site? iv been plugging my iphone in and itunes doesnt come up with the 2.0 version to download so im stuck…

  121. Richard says:

    after serveral tries hooking up to Itunes, my phone started working, but no service. i switched out my new 3g sim card for my old one out of a blackjack and i now have service. cant tell if everything is working the way it is suppose to, but i do get service now. so i will swing by the AT&T store in the next week or so to have things checked out.

    not real impressed with the signal indicator, seems like a rarely get full bars. nothing new with AT&T, coverage sucks.

  122. Kat says:

    I have the same exact problem as you guys, but today’s October 8th 2008! How come. that I still cannot find any solution for it? Is there anyone out there that had the problem solved since July 11th?? I just got an iphone and after a few days of trying to unlock it I am soo frustrated, I’d throw it out of the window. Apple and Itunes sucks!!! My advice to all is: Don’t buy this Ijunk!!!

  123. joshua says:

    Finally got it solved
    i know how to do it in vista
    go to start search "appdata"
    the folder will be faded click on it
    click on roaming
    go to apple computer
    and delete "MobileSync" "Preferences" "Safari" "Lockdown"
    and there you should be fine

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