My iPhone is not working after 2.0 update: Is yours dead?

Now like many of you I connected my Apple iPhone to iTunes for the all new iPhone 2.0 update, I clicked the update button and everything started to run smoothly.

I carried on working whilst the update was processing and thought “Yes” everything is looking good, ‘WRONG’.

ITunes timed out and lost connection half way through the update, now my iPhone is saying on the screen iTunes and slide for emergency. Now that is a right pain in the ass as I have nothing on my phone.

The whole iPhone has been wiped clean which means no music, no contacts basically no nothing. I keep trying to connect to iTunes and still cannot get connection with them.

This tells me that iTunes cannot cope with the demand for iPhone 2.0 firmware update, today has been a pretty crap day when you think about it. Go onto Carphone Warehouse to be told after an hour they cannot upgrade my phone because I am an O2 customer (Read story here).

Please let us know if you are having any problems connecting to iTunes please, scroll down to the comments area below and tell us of your troubles or indeed if you have been successful.


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  1. Jonathan says:

    Same problems here. Upgrade to 2.0 went fine – downloaded and installed onto the iPhone. Now, my phone is wiped and when I try to connect it to iTunes it told me it “timed out.” It did that for an hour, now it is telling me “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. A secure network connection could not be established. Make sure SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0 is enabled in the Internet Options control panel, then try again.

  2. Yes, 2 iphone users in our office having the same problem. we can’t even revert or redo the update. our phones are currently doorstops. in all the excitement we broke one of our cardinal rules… DO NOT UPDATE THE DAY OF RELEASE! ugh!!

    what to do?!

  3. Conner says:

    Mine can’t connect to the Apple iTunes store after the update (error -9838). Now I have an unusable phone – not good since it’s my business phone. Thanks apple. I’d have rather waited if I’d known I can’t even USE the phone because you’re likely overloaded. Jobs, sell that G550 and buy some more servers.

  4. Prop3L says:

    I just updated my iphone this morning also and is doing the same thing. when I try to sync to itunes i get a message saying “We could not complete your itunes store request. the network connection was reset”. my internet connection is working perfectly fine. i dont know what the problem is. If anyone can figure out how to fix this please email me at Prop3L@aim.com. Thank you

  5. Alex says:

    I had the same problem. My phone is stuck on the emergency page trying to connect to iTunes. I’m hoping it’s a result of the increased traffic to the iTunes store and not something more serious.

  6. Paul says:

    Mine is stuck “Accessing iTunes Store…” I have been able to access the store the normal way through iTunes, but on the iPhone section it is not completing the process.

  7. oh yeah… This is a nightmare. My SIP phone isn’t working for some reason (firewall related) now my iphone doesn’t work… What crap. This update should have been made available yesterday to current users. IT WOULD HAVE SOLVE THIS WHOLE MESS!

  8. Same Issue says:

    Yes I am having the same problems. I got the message that I needed to restore after the 2.0 update failed. I restored it, but now I can’t get onto the iTunes Store to set it up all over again.

  9. Rocky says:

    Whilst standing in the queue at 5am for the Iphone me and fellow customers made a few predictions includung:

    *The initial O2 server would crash and
    Itunes would crash from high demand for the firmware update

    Turns out we were right. My mate just text me saying he’s having the exact same problem with his. My advice, be patient especially if you didn’t take the insurance option!

  10. Hugh says:

    Yes, I am having same issue. iTunes read “Accessing iTunes Store…” while phone is in cradle…and nothing happens. Have “slide for emegency” on iPhone screen. Been on hold with Apple support for 22 minutes now.

  11. Dustin Fletcher says:

    The same happend to me alls i can do is make emergency calls from my phone. And it wont let me connect to itunes don’t know what to do now. Please Help 🙁

  12. Lauren says:

    I have the same problem, and I’m getting quite upset right now. I didn’t know that it was going to wipe my phone completely, previous upgrades haven’t…. It tells me that they cannot complete my iTunes Store request… and just sits there with error(-9838). How long do I have to sit here and wait I wonder. =( Makes me feel a bit better to see it’s not just me, but irritates at the same time to see so many ppl are just stuck sitting here WAITING FOR OUR UPGRADE!

  13. shivam says:

    I am facing the exact issue. I called AT&T and they said its Itunes fault.. This is quite a bad customer experience from a company that claims to be the good daddy for all techies out there

  14. keep unplugging and replugging the cable from phone… so it makes itunes store attempt to activate… eventually the itunes store will restore everything!

    just did it and it finally came back to life!

    good luck… maybe itunes store is too busy?!

  15. Patrick Murphy says:

    Yes, I have the same problem also. This is with a standard iPhone upgrade from within iTunes (7.7 of course), on Windows Vista if that makes a difference. I waited until the 2.0 upgrade was available from iTunes and started the upgrade. Everything seemed to go OK. I got balloon messages saying drivers were loaded OK.

    Then suddenly there was a message saying “We could not complete your iTunes request”, exactly as you stated in your blogpost. I tried to connect many times, both on Windows iTunes and on my Mac iTunes. So far, nothing.

    I can reach the iTunes Store on both machines, but my iPhone claims it “cannot complete your iTunes Store request.” VERY frustrating as I did everything right the Apple way. My iPhone has never been jailbroken or unlocked.

  16. Alex says:

    Update: I rebooted the old MacBook and tried it again and it just started working like nothing was wrong. Everything was restored shortly after this. Hopefully everyone elses works the same!

  17. Lauren says:

    Well I unplugged it, and now it’s actually trying to connect to iTunes, rather than just saying immediately that it can’t. So, hopefully it’s on the path to working again… thought I’d post that real quick, I’m sure I’m not the only one refreshing this page to see any new posts. lol =)

  18. Dustin Fletcher says:

    I got a screen after plugging and un plugging for a minute that said apple is not activating new phones at this time try again latter I dont have a new phone to activate I HATE YOU APPLE

  19. Van Garnett says:

    Thanks Apple. You are a bunch of jerks. Look at this long line of ‘happy customers’. You screwed us all. Next time, after my contract runs out, I’m getting one of your competitors.

  20. Michael Graham says:

    I had this problem earlier. It is NOT necessary to unplug the cable. If you click on iTunes store you can see that it does connect.

    Then click back on your iPhone entry and iTunes will attempt a new re-reconnect.

    Eventually this worked for me.

  21. Lauren says:

    Ok, Mine worked. It restored, connected to iTunes… seems all is well now, my stuff is syncing right now! =) WHEW!

    I say its just soo busy right now, it’s gonna take a lil while to get it complete, I’ve been at this for about 30 minutes already. Good luck to everyone else out there, I know this sent me into a panic whirlwind. =)

  22. Patrick Murphy says:

    Dustin — It is a UK website, so that’s their local time. I am in US (local time 10:47) and after many pluggings/unpluggings and clicking from iTunes Store to iPhone, my phone still cannot connect.

  23. Michael Graham says:

    I’m also a US customer & I think iTunes is overwhelmed right now. Just keep trying by clicking on some other folder in iTunes, the click again on the iPhone device & iTunes will attempt a reconnect.

    It did eventually work for me, so dont panic!

  24. still better then any other phone i have every owned and i love apple and would get out of computer industry if i had to work on pc’s! people always hate you when your on top!

  25. Dustin Fletcher says:

    hey e6 pull stevev jobs unit out of your mouth we are all trying to get our great phones working thanks to the wonderfull update

  26. Dustin Fletcher says:

    hey e6 pull steve jobs unit out of your mouth we are all trying to get our great phones working thanks to the wonderfull update

  27. NIck says:

    I thought i was the only one i have an ipod touch but, when i ask for the update for the ipod touch a error pops up and says “iTunes is temporarily unavalible, please try agian later”. i ben trying to get it for 2 hours now and i am ready to to punch someone in the face. i just wanted to enjoy playing games and other stuff on my ipod but i cant do that cuz stupid itunes. at least they could do is email me and say they are having problems and tell me whats wrong that would be good for alittle bit.

  28. Cooper says:

    So for those US Iphone users, jut to recap… if you got it working, you downloaded itunes 7.7, updated to 2.0 software, then it went to the emergency contact only on the phone, and then when you try to pug it in it says “Could not complete your request, the connection timed out” who got it working from this point and how? Just by trying to reconnect to the itunes store by clicking the iphone icon in itunes?

  29. Vincent F. Safuto says:

    I’m stuck in the same boat, with an iBrick.

    No update, no way to revert. It’s a personal phone, not a business phone, but still, I have several NPR shows I wanted to hear in the car.

    When it comes to upgrades, I never learn. 🙁

  30. dustin… replace your immaturity with some computer common sense… our phones are working better then ever right now. PATIENCE… like everyone says.

    also, maybe you should just sell it and buy something else. this way you don’t go on this blog.

    all the best! LOL

  31. Jonathan says:

    Cooper –
    I am a U.S. iPhone user who fits the profile you described.
    I have been continuously clicking on and off of the “iPhone” tab under the “Devices” subsection – trying to get past the “connection timed out” screen.
    After doing that for hours, it just magically sync’d and is currently “restoring iPhone from backup.”
    Maybe there are only a certain amount of people that can be activating at the same time, so keep trying maybe?

  32. Cooper says:

    Did the folks who got it working, is it indeed the 2.0 and are all your contacts still their along with everything else, ie pictures?

  33. Emory says:

    I HAVE THE SOLUTION!!! I had the exact same problem. I just got off the phone with apple and b4 i could let him talk i took one guess at what was the problem. It seemed i was correct. THE SERVERS ARE OVERLOADED. Everybody is trying to update and when u have millions of ppl trying to install and update at one time….well u see what im saying. Im at the same point like everybody else. My connection to itunes times out. Not because of my connection but because the servers are so busy. They said technicans are working on it now but the only advice they could give is just keep trying. I have work in about an hour so chances are im leaving with no cell phone. Hopefully things will die down and we can all update later on in the day.

  34. Emily says:

    So this is how i handled it. People should give it a try if theyd like. I was getting the 98 error. Then I downloaded from itunes apps on my computer a free program. Then i clicked on it and clicked over to my iphone. I then got a -4 error. I went back and deleted the free program from the apps on itunes and clicked over again to my iphone. It thought fora long while but then it restored! Who knows… it may be worth a try. I am very happy right now. Good luck to the rest of you!

  35. Greg says:

    This is really sad to see Apple look as dumb as Windows!
    More importantly I am without a phone and losing business calls. Cupertino, We have a problem!!

  36. Joe says:

    FYI…if you are having problems with the 2.0 update and need a phone desperately, go buy an AT&T GoPhone. The cheapest one is like 20 bucks and you can take your sim out of your Iphone and put in the GoPhone and that will give you a working phone…at least until this chaos gets sorted out.

  37. Dustin Fletcher says:

    Hey apple maybe you fucking idiots should look at what other companies do for example when going to a download site they have a line so there servers dont get overwhelmed and says you have 5 minutes before your download begins instead of going thru this shit everytime something new comes out!!! oh yeah even free phones have mms pull your head out of your ass APPLE

  38. FoamFinger says:

    Same issue. Going on 4 hours. Feel violated. Apple was a rising star in my book. This brought them back down to earth. So frustrating.

  39. Cooper says:

    Well at least it is something simple and will fix its self! Guess I wil be with out a phone today and hope this crazyness is better by tonight.

  40. Christina says:

    WHY?!?! No one told me the don’t download on release day rule. Now I’m screwed. I sure hope it restores everything back to normal. Is it a total waste of my time to be sitting here on hold with Apple?

  41. yes, totally agree christina… and Casey suggested that current iphone users should have had this available 1 day prior to save on heavy traffic… great suggestion… apples not perfect for sure… but who is besides our friend Dustin.

    ps: i made that rule up because i’ve been burned before… just got anxious to try new apps right away.

  42. Eric says:


    Didn’t need this today (as I’m sure nobody did). At least I have an explanation.

    I agree with posters, I’ll never update close to release again.

  43. jack says:

    i thought i was alone, it keeps saying your network connection timed out… brilliant ay. nice one apple. i guess leaving it for a while is best.?

  44. Prop3L says:

    mine finally started working after 2.5 hours. but now its saying “no signal detected. signal is required to complete activation.” does this mean that it wont activate now? idk why i wouldnt have signal, i always have signal where i am (my house)

  45. My phone only makes emergency calls. Why does Apple time after time put us through this with updates. It’s academic, how can you sell X amount of iphones and not have the hardware to support them?

  46. Rob says:

    Yea, when I bought my iphone I didnt check the spec. that precisely regarding mms and video recorder, gps and umts Didnt think that something so common and normal for a mobile would be missing.

    Bloody apple assholes..

    Realised that I’m one of those stupid consumers !!

  47. Chris Marshall says:

    everyone just wait a few hours man. i have been trying since 5.00, it is now nearly 7.00 and still not working!

    piece of shit

    does anyone know if this deletes ur contacts???? cuz it wud be propa annoyin to put all those fuckers bak on.

    i dont have them saved on itunes.

    haha apple. ohh dearrrr

  48. Ashbie says:

    If i throw my PC out the window and smash my iphone with a large hammer, will this help / speed up the process?
    Let me know if anyone has tried and what the consequences were.
    Starting to run out of patience………..

  49. Dustin Fletcher says:

    Yes I can beat that 5 hours it is 12:40 pm I started this at 7:30 am and still no luck I would like to punch steve jobs in his face right now.

  50. Mark C says:

    What a massive cockup…

    I would defend Apple to the last degree… however this is unforgivable. I need and want my phone back NOW!!! ARRRRHHHHH!!!!!

  51. Jeff says:

    my update won’t even come up for downloading. i’ve plugged my iphone into itunes 3 times in the last 15 or so hours and nothing has come up. i downloaded the newest itunes but still nothing. anyone else having this problem or know what to do to be able to update to 2.0??

  52. B says:

    Mine finally started to activate after hours waiting but now there is a message in the handset…
    Main Title: Sync in Progress
    Sub Title: Activation Alert
    Message: No Signal detected. Signal is required to complete activation.

    However, in iTunes it is “Restorig iPhone from Backup…” one painful green bar every 2mins…

  53. Charlie says:

    Hey Ive been trying to fix this problem for bout half an hour. Ok what I did was i clicked on the store menu in itunes and then clicked authorize computer. It logs you in to your itunes account. ANd a few minutes later my iphone kicked in to gear. Hope this was helpful.

  54. Chris Marshall says:

    mine works nowwww


    now im happy agen im guna go have a wank


    haha soz to anyone who i offended by sying tht

    but o well

    get a life init

  55. the reason i suggested repeated unplugging replugging works is because each time you do that it forces itunes to attempt a connect… if you luck out and that split second YOU happen to connect when the server has just completed a connection from someone else in the world then,… well then you jump right on. I don’t think the other method of clicking in itunes works because its not fully reinitializing. (i’m not a tech guy but this worked for 2 people in my office today)

    good luck… still dig apple stuff

    e6 from the usa

  56. heather says:

    I am so frustrated. i am a loyal apple customer. i bought the now $200 phone for $600. i did the update at 9am this morning and i am getting message that my restoration was lost. i have a very hard time believing Apple can orchestrate a massive 500 application product launch along side a huge physical product release and NOT know the loyal early adopters from whom they have made most of their profit are being hosed because they are not a priority. GRRRRR Heather

  57. Maxx says:

    i had the same problem and had a dead iphone for a large part of the day.
    i did it this morning, it wasent working so i gave up
    i came back this afternoon, gave it another shot and it worked
    the thing is that the activation took awhile

    the network is extremely clogged causing these issues

  58. NIck says:

    i got it at 12:24 at night.

    and than itunes tells me to restore my ipod and guess what came up another error what a suprise! error 2003 if anyone has any way to get out of recovory mode or how to back track so it doesnt have to restore post back here. i am not good with technological tearms i think my ipod is bricked?

  59. JOHN says:


  60. Cory says:

    So those of you who had the slide for emergency going on after the firmware was downloaded….what did you do or what had to happen to fix??

  61. Debbie4747 says:

    I’m in the same boat. I never had a problem with it until they had their big upgrade to 2.0. Thier folowup patch did nothing to help, maybe that was the final blow, or was it apples latest upgrade?. It started with the phone freezing up, then I had to keep resetting the network setting to get mail and the net. Then the apps went on strike. Next and final blow was it lost all my music and videos on the ipod.
    I decided to do a complete restore. It took 2-1/2 hours for itunes to download that. I started at 8:00pm. By 10:30 it was backing up and playing with firmware and preparing to restore and whatever else it was up to. I went to bed, but got up and checked on it about an hour later. Good thing because I had to “allow” it to do something, It then went into the “restore” mode. I went back to bed. I got up about 3:30 am to check on it and all that was up was the itunes library. So I figured it was done. It did nothing to the phone. No music, apps kpet crashing. I plugged it all baqck in, thinking I could resync it. All it brings up is the “Set up new iphone/restore page.” Not wanting to start from scratch I hit the continue button and it restarted the “restore”. I went back to bed. I got up at 5:30 and the green bar was 1/2 way through its process. with the mouse arrow I marked where it ended and proceeded to get ready for work. By 6:40 it was still in the same spot, obviously stuck. At 7 I pulled the plug. Thought I would redo it after work.
    I couldn’t get rid of the green battery on the phone and it wouldn’t bring anything up, turn on or turn off. Hoding both buttons I got it to bring up the apple logo, then shut off. Now I have nothing. A 500 buck paperweight…more than 500, if you include the monthly payments and all the music and apps I purchased.
    Apples discussion pages had some good ideas and possible solutions, but geez for the money that is involved with this thing it would surely be nice to spend my time using it rather than fixing it. I don’t know how tonight’s venture will turn out, but if it doesn’t I will definitely bring it to their genius bar and let them deal with it or insist on a new phone…though since so many really are having a problem, it may be the itunes latest upgrade, or the apples upgrade or patch since it was working fine before their big improvements.
    Methinks our little apples may have worms.

  62. Agent Woodz says:

    This is scary… it’s over a month past the release date and I’m just updating now (my laptop died and I had to buy a new one before doing this). I am having the EXACT same problems as everyone did on the release date… nothing has changed since then. This can’t be a server overload issue. *sigh* I just wish I had my contacts.

  63. antonny mucheru says:

    yes am experiencing the problem after updating mine yesterday.up to now have tried all the resore procedure but hell nothing is happening does this mean have lost ma phone and i should think of buying another phone. but of cause not iphone it sucks so far many complications.

  64. To fix it, go to the the ZPS file and click on iPhone Update. Then click on open with, and choose iTunes Downloads. It should then ask you if you wan’t to download ‘iPhone update 2.0’, click OK. If it says connection timed out again, right click on the ‘Connect To’ icon on the Taskbar, and click ‘Diognose and Repair’. When its finished fixing, it should ask you if you wan’t to fix ‘iTunes Store Network Connection’, click ‘YES’. When it is finished (‘100% – Done’), click ‘Finish’. Then go to iTunes downloads and click on ‘Resume All’. It should now finish downloading and install it to your iPhone. If this dosn’t work, contact connectionhelp@help.apple.com.

  65. aarshi says:

    look people..tis thing can happen in 2 ways either u have a jailbroken unlocked iphone…itunes..ubdate will trap those people..who have hacked there phones..so hacked phones shud never update…
    but…suppose..iphone got locked..then..one way u can overcum it…put your iphone in restore mode then itunes will recognise you…then restore it…
    once it done..go to ziphone 4.0 which has been launched shud b downloaded then…there is a option do it all…once u click u done in 5 min but beware of your firmware..and bootloders…and ppl in contracts shud not try tis…as its hacking..cause..u can..fuk..ur terms and conditions..
    du visit..
    dev blog..
    as they working..hard…on
    jailbreaking and unlocking easy

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