iPod Touch and iPhone 2.0 update officially available: Be Patient

Like product-reviews I have synced my Apple iPhone to iTunes and kept clicking on the update button, we kept on getting update 1.1.4 is already installed please check for updates on 18th July.

We at last we are downloading the all new iPhone 2.0 update, download is happening as we speak.

We can now officially confirm that the iPod Touch and iPhone 2.0 update is now ready for you via iTunes (You must have iTunes 7.7).

This download is long winded and soon as it is finished we will report on the good and bad about it. Many of you thought you was downloading this update which we have already said was not the official update and many of you seemed to have problems.

Well at last the long wait is over and the official Apple iPhone 2.0 firmware is ready for download and install, the demand for this install will be huge so please be patient. If you sync your iPhone to iTunes click on the update button where it says “Version”, trust us some of you might still see 1.1.4, keep clicking the update button over and over again and you will get it.

Go on make your iPhone even more special and download the iPhone 2.0 update. Let us know when you have downloaded it.


10 thoughts on “iPod Touch and iPhone 2.0 update officially available: Be Patient”

  1. Aaron says:

    STOP! Don’t do this. It totally screwed my phone. I installed 2.0 this morning and the iphone doesn’t sync to my account. anymore. The phone cannot access the itunes store.

  2. Steve says:

    Same here. The 2.0 upgrade started but the upgrade program could not connect to the iTunes store. I tried for about 45 minutes and it could never connect. Now my phone is dead and all I can do is make an emergency call. I wonder if 911 could help me with this? For all of Apple’s shots of Microsoft for having buggy products it would appear that Apple is no better.

  3. DaleD says:


    I have been having the same problem as just about everybody else. I have however found what I think is a fix. Open up I tunes then click on “edit” then “Preferences” then the last tab “Syncing” and click on “Reset Sync History” and then again on “Reset Sync History” to confirm. That has done the trick for myself and I have just phoned round a few friends who were all experiencing the same problem and its solved it for them too. Good Luck!


  4. Danielle says:

    Iv had no problems with the update so far, it takes about an hour to do it all but iv had no problems after, but i have only just downloaded it!

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