LG KS360 messaging mobile comes to the UK via O2 and Orange

LG has announced the KS360 Sidekick rivalling mobile phone, revealed for Asian markers back in June, is to be launched in the UK. The LG KS360 has been specifically designed with a younger audience in mind with its biggest selling point being messaging whilst on the move.

The LG KS350 has a sliding QWERTY keypad and messaging features which mean the user can send email, IM and SMS along with the ability to access social networking websites.

LG has pumped the LG KS360 with GSM/GPRS/EDGE and given it touch-screen dialling whilst sporting a 2 megapixel camera, MP3 and AAC audio and MPEG4 and H.263 vid playback, WAP 2.0 browser, polyphonic ringtones, Bluetooth 2.0, USB, and the trusty microSD card slot that supports cards up to 4GB.

LG says: “The KS360’s keypad lets users write messages quickly and accurately and once the full length keypad has been opened, the 2.4-inch screen automatically rotates 90 degrees using accelerometer technology.”

Available in white and soft pink, titanium and bright blue, black and red and black and silver, the LG KS360 will be available via Orange and O2 as from August, on pre-pay and contract.

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40 thoughts on “LG KS360 messaging mobile comes to the UK via O2 and Orange”

  1. vics says:

    i have this phone
    so does my mate
    and we both love it
    the only down point is there is no flash
    but otherwise an easy to use phone
    9 out of 10 🙂

  2. michelle says:

    i luv dis phone very muchhhhyyy
    i hv it in red n my gf hv it in pink
    and both of us luving itt damnn muchyyyy
    to jared yesshhh it has headphones tooo
    yupp just theres no flash if not it would be the nicest phone eva…im keeping my o2 xda hehehehhe

  3. Ashleigh says:

    Hey, got this phone for christmas from o2!! Loved the phone at the beginning but has been one of the worse mobiles i have ever had!! To begin with I found the phone very slow! After about a week of having the phone it started to completly freeze up and took about 10minutes to load up when I turned it on before being able to make a call. A common fault with the phone which I later found out is that the screen freezes and coloured lines appear. I was then unable to open my contact list and a message reading “please wait” appeared for 2days, so I was unable to make any phone calls. Reported this to o2 who then admitted there was a software fault and many had been recalled offered me a refund but went back on their word. After only using the phone for around 2weeks I found it very dissappointing, I would not recommend it and the service at the o2 shops was very dissappointing! I would not recommend you buy the phone of them if at all!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Coner – i’m desperate to get this phone but i NEED vodafone as i live out in the sticks and its the only signal we can get around here. For the life of me i cannot find it on the website. Where did you get it??


  5. to be honest i got it at CNA, i didnt get it at the vodafone or vodashop because it cost an extra 400 bucks.i dont know which country you live in so i dont know if you have a CNA or GAME or any of the othere stores. e-mail me at conor@mulligan.co.za if you want any more information.

  6. Matthew. says:


  7. this phone is great i got it in pink from phone4u they also do blue and to everbody thats getiing it get it on orage because orage have these animal things where you can get free texts facebook myspace bebo or you can get one with free calls and load more

  8. kelz says:

    I love this phone!
    my bestfriends have it in blue;
    i want it in RED! i cant find it in the UK anywhere;
    and A comment says at the moment you can only get it from vodaphone in red; PLEAAAAASE HELP ME. i need this phone in red!!:)

  9. Shardy says:

    Hii, I have this phone on vodafone Its a great phone to have but only on some networks. At first the phone was very slow and was hardley working, in the end it turnt out to be a great phone and easy to use. After about 7 months of having it, it started freezing and that again so when they came round with contract phones i bought this phone free and am now just paying unlimited txts and 800 minutes this is coasting me £9.50. If anything I thnim you should get this phone on contract it is much better and easier + cheaper.
    thanks x

  10. chrissy says:

    i have this phone and all it does is freeze!
    its beautiful yes but every time i go to open a new txt it crashes an i have 2 take the battery out!
    been looking around an am sure its a design fault and its going back asap

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