iPhone Friday causes Apple stock to shed 2.2 percent

Seems the shambles of iPhone 3G day caused more problems for Apple, the hopes was to have all customers activate their new iPhone 3G handsets in store, but as most know now that didn’t quite go as planned.

Fifteen minutes in and in many stores clerks where urging customers to complete activation at home on their computers, problem was that didn’t solve anything either.

By the end of play on July 11th Apple stock had shed 2.2 percent, $4.05 taking it down to $172.58. Hmm maybe a lesson learned then. Apple, as expected, did not respond to calls or e-mails about the software problems.

iPhone handsets also ran out at several stores. At roughly 10am an employee at the 57 E. Chicago Ave. AT&T store shouted at the 50 yard long line of iPhone hopefuls…that the 16GB iPhone 3G had sold out, “I repeat, we no longer have the 16 gigabyte iPhone,” he called.

Vice president and general manager for AT&T’s Illinois and Wisconsin markets, Kevin Petersen, said: “The demand was amazing today. We’re still having a little bit of a problem, but about three out of every four customers are getting through without a problem. Apple is putting a lot of resources on fixing this.”

So all in all, I think maybe iPhone 3G day is probably a day that Apple would quickly like to forget; unfortunately though thousands of iPhone customers won’t forget so easily.

Source — chicagotribune


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  1. Ramdux says:

    I’ve been successfully accepted as an iPhone customer in the UK through the O2 network and despite many promises from O2 that it would arrive by courier, it never did. When I called O2 to find out what had happened to my order, I was told they never had any intention of delivering the phone to me on Friday – I was just being given false promises by the staff who were probably told to sign up as many customers as possible. Seems we can’t fault Apple for everything here.

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