Top mobile internet access goes to America and the device is…

Who would you think uses the most mobile web, China perhaps? Well apparently according to figure you’d be wrong because the nation that accesses the web via a mobile device most often is the Americans.

Sure, nobody likes paying for it through the nose, but that doesn’t stop the Americans from using it profusely. According to stats in a new research by Nielson, approximately 15.6 percent of American wireless subscribers use mobile internet on their mobile phone.

Running up second and taking silver internet medal is none other than the UK with approximately 12.9 percent while the Italians garner bronze internet medal with 11.9 percent.

Sixteen countries were studied by Nielson with America ranking top mobile internet user, and strange as it may sound the top mobile device for accessing the internet turns out to be the Motorola RAZR and Motorola RAZR2 with 10%.

Funnily enough one would have though the Apple iPhone would have easily grabbed first place, but instead came in second with only 4%. Research In Motion’s BlackBerry 8100 and 8800 managed to garner 2% each.

I wonder if that will all change now the iPhone 3G is out there.

Source — moconews

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