Apple iPhone 3G doing well in Canada says Rogers

Canada’s Rogers Wireless celebrated the launch of the Apple iPhone 3G last Friday be receiving unprecedented demand. After the weekend, Rogers confirmed that the launch shipment of tens of thousands of iPhone 3g handsets sold out across the country.

Rogers Wireless anticipated such a demand and pre-ordered continuous inventory shipments, and has announced tens of thousands more iPhone 3G’s have already arrived in Canada. Which means iPhone 3G fans in Canada who missed out on Fridays launch will see stock on shelves today and across Canada by July 15th (today)

SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Wireless, John Boynton, says: “As Canada’s leading wireless carrier, Rogers Wireless is thrilled to bring iPhone 3G to Canadians on Canada’s fastest wireless network. With iPhone 3G, we’ve had the best weekend sales of a handset in Rogers Wireless history. We want to thank all our customers for their enthusiastic response, as we welcome our new iPhone 3G customers to the fastest and most reliable network in Canada, and we appreciate the loyalty of all our existing customers who upgraded to an iPhone 3G. For our future iPhone 3G customers, tens of thousands of new devices will be in stores from coast to coast no later than tomorrow.”

Seems Rogers Wireless is doing fine with the Apple iPhone 3G now they have turned about on their pricing. Bet they wouldn’t have been so happy if they hadn’t!

Source — macdailynews


One thought on “Apple iPhone 3G doing well in Canada says Rogers”

  1. Bojan says:

    I would still not buy it from Rogers. I went on the weekend to take a peek at it, the customer representative didn’t blink. It’s a nice toy, but Apple iPhone does not offer anything to extra than RIM. 3G, so what? 3G was out for a while. Buy iPod Touch, and get a chear RIM phone, that way if you lose one you don’t lose both.

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