iPhone 3G Delays: O2 courier DHL is the culprits

It seems the Apple iPhone 3G brings out problems after problems, the latest news and iPhone 3G disaster comes from O2 courier, DHL.

This is major news because there are many delays for the iPhone 3G being delivered, we check on the internet for more problems other than what we know already and came across a gadget site called Electric Pig.

Electric Pig ordered the iPhone 3G online like many other customers which was scheduled to be delivered on Friday, yes you guessed it “Not a chance”.

O2 courier DHL has claimed that they attempted to deliver the iPhone 3G but there was no evidence of this, Electric Pig said that there was someone at their address all day and that the courier neglected to leave a calling card.

Out of the woodwork comes O2’s choice of courier have in fact sub-contracted out its iPhone handset deliveries to self-employed couriers, go on pass the buck O2.

Please let us know if you are still waiting for your Apple iPhone 3G to be delivered!


2 thoughts on “iPhone 3G Delays: O2 courier DHL is the culprits”

  1. satinder says:

    I had a similar problem with DHL – they claimed that ‘delivery was refused’ – at that time there was no one at home. When I called DHL, they could not give any reason and had returned the handset to O2.

    Called o2 – and give them credit, they sent the same parcel back via DHL. Guess what, this time the DHL tracking claims they have left it at a neighbours house. They have not left a card, and dont know which neighbours. Still waiting…

  2. jonny says:

    yep its a JOKE , i order iphone 4 on contract (10.12.10) delivery should be at 12.12
    from tracking parcel over dhl website i got "Delayed due to adverse weather" on 13.12
    today its 16.dec i call them 3 times but i dont get any information when i will get it.

    And bill has already started lol , o2 courier its really a joke , Royal Mail its better !!

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