Will The Dark Knight Nokia 6250 from Verizon outlast the movie?

If you are a Christian Bale in his black cape fan you’ll probably be drooling over this, but will you still be toting The Dark Knight mobile phone when the DVD’s are gathering dust next year? Will they still be carrying Verizon’s tribute to the Caped Crusader?

Although Verizon’s commemorative launch of the Nokia 6250 tied in with the latest Batman movie, and being a low end flip phone may just stand a chance of surviving passed the movie.

If you take a look inside the bat box you’ll notice the Nokia 6250 The Dark Knight mobile phone comes with two battery covers, one sporting the Batman logo the other not, which should allow the user to have the appearance of a normal unbranded mobile once the hoo-hah over The Dark Knight is done and dusted.

Other than that, The Dark Knight Nokia 6250 is basically a minimalist flip phone, which will suit the batman generation down to the ground.

Source — engadgetmobile

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