Plastic or not plastic with the Apple iPhone 3G? Video

So what’s the ultimate test you can place on a mobile phone? How about chucking it into a bleander and seeing if it’ll survive? Well that’s just what WillBlend.com does with new gadgets; they throw them into the TotalBlender, and apparently when the put the squeeze on Apple products everyone watches.

Apparently when they tested the original iPhone it lost the battle badly, and ended up dust, all that remained was a mangled piece of steel bezel. The Apple iPhone 3G however fared somewhat better, with the result being the glossy case survived virtually intact with even the Apple logo still visible.

So, we’ve been told that the iPhone 3G’s casing is plastic, but this may not be the case. Plastic should have been turned to dust, and Apple never did really confirm that the iPhone 3G’s casing was indeed plastic did they.

Well having survived this test one starts to wonder if Apple didn’t actually use “Zirconia”, a little Apple patent application that detailed a ceramic based radio transparent material. Ceramic’s are indeed known for their high durability, and can withstand tests that metal and plastic would cave in to.

So maybe the Apple iPhone 3G casing isn’t plastic at all but a Zirconium/Yttrium impregnated ceramic material that allows for better cellular radio reception. So check out the video below…

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