Samsung i760 Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade Available: Verizon Wireless

The Samsung i760 smartphone, the one that is on Verizon Wireless network is now ready for an upgrade, you can now upgrade to Windows mobile 6.1.

It can now be upgraded to the awesome Windows mobile 6.1 with the official software upgrade from Samsung.

The upgrade other than OS features will give you more benefits such as browse and watch YouTube videos plus updates many software additions, corrections and enhancements.

This is what you will get, Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 with version AKU 1.0.0 – Popular features for WM6.1 include, threaded SMS, Domain Enrollment, and updated “Vista” looks – Applied, several Bluetooth improvements (updated BT DUN profile, improved scanning) – Applied, support for YouTube videos – Applied, Qualcomm patch – Fixed, memory leakage by replacing POOM API – Fixed, notification malfunction under certain conditions – Fixed, certain conditions prevented delivery of MMS – Added, MEID support (included in BC04 MR) — Added and WLAN chipset enhancement (included in BC04 MR).

Get the upgrade now; just click the following links below:

For Windows XP – Download

For Windows Vista – Download

Source — Gear Diary

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