Sell your original iPhone for an upgrade with Freeiphoneswap.com

Strange as it may seem, not everyone is qualifies for an Apple iPhone upgrade from AT&T, so what are those poor unfortunates to do? This is where Freeiphoneswap.com steps into the line.

Freeiphoneswap.com actually offers original Apple iPhone owners the change of upgrading to the iPhone 3G as long as they sell their original iPhone to Freeiphoneswap.com.

Basically what Freeiphoneswap.com does is pay the owner from $100.00 to $300.00 which is dependent on what model they possess. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

Freeiphoneswap.com spokesman, Sam Hickson said: “We will take in all working original iPhones and give the consumer, in most cases $200 — which is the cost of the standard upgrade to the new 3G.”

Wondering what they do with all those old iPhones? Well they are to be destroyed or recycled and 10% of profit will go to youth educational programs. Win — win situation I’d say.

Freeiphoneswap.com’s main base is in Miami and they have representatives in fifteen locations including Atlanta, California, and New York.

Source — mobilewhack

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