Debate: What’s your reason for buying the Apple iPhone 3G?

We want to start a debate to get to the bottom of why everyone wants the Apple iPhone 3G, “What’s your reason for buying the Apple iPhone 3G?

There are many customers who want or already have the iPhone 3G, but we here at Phones Review want to know the real reason this mobile device is the most talked about at the moment.

Like many other sites out there the Apple iPhone 3G is talked about everyday and yes we are definitely one of the top sites reporting day in and day out about this device from Apple, but we have never asked why you want it.

Many have said they want it for the fact it has 3G, many have said they want it for the GPS and of course many have said for the applications plus other reasons, but we want to know what our readers want it for.

Basically we want to get to know you a little better and finally get to the bottom of your reasons. Let me say that we do not need the Apple iPhone 3G for applications because the new not-working-too-well-it-has-problems iPhone 2.0 update provides you with all the apps you need on the old iPhone.

We here at Phones Review could go on all day why we think it is good like the GPS, the 3G for better speeds, the looks, better sound, but then we could go on all day on why the iPhone 3G is terrible, like being annoyed that we got turned down by Carphone Warehouse saying that we cannot upgrade because we are O2 customers, or the fact that many customers are still waiting for their device, like the limited amount of stocks, or the fact the major flaws in the software where phones keep freezing.

So to put it in a nutshell please answer this question: What’s your reason for buying the Apple iPhone 3G?


5 thoughts on “Debate: What’s your reason for buying the Apple iPhone 3G?”

  1. Alan (Manchester) says:

    Would much rather have waited for the next model with 32GB+ storage, as I want it to truly replace my MP3 player and become the convergence device Steve Jobs originally claimed it would be.

    I also believe the next version will have an improved camera and that there will have been video recording and voice dialling capabilites added to the firmware.

    Trouble is my 18 month contract with another provider runs out now so it’s unfortunate timing.

  2. Isomorphic says:

    Well I didn’t get the first generation iPhone even though I wanted one.. badly.

    So now the price is a lot lower than earlier and it has more features, I really want one.

    I think that the 3G iPhone is pointless to existing iPhone customers, but really worth it for first time buyers.

  3. Jw says:

    My wife has the 1st iPhone and I’ve been waiting for the 3G. My ATT contract will allow me to buy one in August. Playing with my wife’s phone and the new APPs, I’ve learned that the iPhone is an internet extender. It gives you the power of the internet anywhere, anytime. It enhances your life, you can look up movies nears you, restaurants with reviews, etc. Who knows what will be developed next. The possibilites are limitless.

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