Apple iPhone gains SugarSync backup and storage online

We all know web applications are here to stay, you can tell that by the abundance at the Apple MobileMe, now Sharpcast is ready to bring their SugarSync online backup and storage solution to the Apple iPhone.

SugarSync intends to keep all the users files such as videos, documents, images ect synced over all and any device that accesses the world wide web. SugarSync lets the user upload entire folders or individual items.

SugarSync’s Magic Briefcase is a feature which allows the user to quickly drag-and-drop files to be synced across all your devices, all you do is drop your file from the desktop into the Magic Briefcase.

So do you need to install SugarSync on every device, the answer to that is no, because when you register you are assigned a personal URL, so it’s just a matter of pointing your browser at that URL.
And with SugarSync’s new iPhone web app it’s as easy as flipping through your files with iPhone finger ease.

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