Shady goings on make Google Android not as open as first seemed!

We all know Google has been thrusting their Linux based OS the Android to the dev community as the mobile platform designed to revolutionise the mobile world, and the search giant has been touting Android as a totally “open” mobile platform which everyone can develop mobile apps for.

Well it apparently turns out that Google has been telling slight “porky pies” as Android isn’t as open as they first stated.

First off Sergei Brin, Google’s founder, has been caught making some shady investments in his wife’s new start-up. Apparently Brin channelled Google cash into his wife’s start-up by using investment strategies that covered up his direct involvement with conflict of interest, not illegal but none the less shady.

However, developers have been complaining that the Android SDK has been lax with updates which means developers simply can’t forge ahead in their Linux based developments. This is leading to Android dev’s skipping over to the Apple Mac OS for the iPhone and 3G.

Apparently an email was distributed told developers Android’s new SDK was available to download, but it was an error as the email was only supposed to go out to a selected few Android devs. Which would mean that the Android platform isn’t “open” to all and could result in a massive exodus of Android devs to the Apple Mac OS.

So the question remains will Google’s Android actually survive this cock-up and compete on a global scale, or has Apple’s iPhone and Mac OS grown too large for Google to handle?

Source — arstechnica


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