Twinkle location app sparkles onto Twitter at Apple App Store

Twinkle, a location based twitter client for the Apple iPhone has hit the Apple App Store. Much like native iPhone apps such as Twitterific, Twinkle takes the added convenience of a native Twitter client to the Apple iPhone’s official applications repository.

Twinkle has been about for a while on jailbroken first-gen Apple iPhones, but now Twinkle has hit the Apple App Store with this version for the Apple iPhone 3G along with updated iPhone’s that run non-jailbroken 2.0 OS firmwares, and works much in the same way as the jailbroken Twinkle app.

With the Apple iPhone 3G and updated iPhone’s now supporting geo-location via GPS or mobile triangulation, Twinkle app automatically finds the users location when it launches. Furthermore, Twinkle has been given a visual makeover with a new 2.0-ish UI.

Get Twinkling and Twittering with Twinkle available from the Apple App Store.

Source — intomobile

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