Exclusive iPhone 3G News: Weekend sees O2 with NO stock

We have the latest news about the Apple iPhone 3G stock, through a secret source who we will not mention has given us some interesting news.

Some O2 stores did not have any iPhone 3G stock whatsoever delivered to their stores this weekend, but funnily enough some Carphone Warehouse stores did, now work that one out considering O2 has the exclusive rights to sell this phone.

Now we know that stock is limited and that many may not see the device until late summer, but we want to know the real reason. Could this be true that Apple has limited stock or do you think they are not selling the iPhone 3G simply because they are going to have a recall.

This is just pure speculation but a bloody good one, could Apple really be considering a recall seeing as the iPhone and iPhone 3G are having problems.

I have been to a few O2 Stores and they keep apologising for the lack of stock, this is not O2’s fault as they can only supply what Apple give them. We was all told on July 11th when Carphone Warehouse and O2 stores ran out of stock that they would definitely have stock the following week, but they have not.

I DO NOT believe stock is short, come on Apple are not stupid. We say there is definitely stock there, but they are holding off, WHY?

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