My Apple iPhone is still having major problems: Is Yours?

Now I told you about my Apple iPhone having major problems of it freezing all the time (See Here), well let me tell you why I am still ticked off.

After the latest iPhone update via iTunes I have had nothing but troubles and oh yes still the troubles continue, not only does the iPhone freeze on me but loads of other problems are occurring.

Here are a few examples: When I want to send a text message each time I press a character key it has lagging time, meaning text messages take twice as long to send.

Open up an application that I have downloaded via the Apps Store and it will freeze then lock the iPhone, this means I have to turn the iPhone off and back on again.

When I press the phone icon to ring someone it takes a lot longer to open, this is a major pain in the backside especially if you want to make a very important phone call.

The battery life seems to have halved, the battery life does not last as long as it used to do which in my eyes is not good enough.

Not only is the iPhone having problems, it seems the iPhone 3G is having the same problems as well and we can confirm this with some of our readers comments, here are a few.

I just bought the new iphone 3g and I am having serious issues. I installed many applications on my computer through the iTunes app store and installed them on my phone through iTunes sync. When I tried opening the apps which now appear on my iphones desktop, they open, then quit immediately…every one of them! I looked around online and many people are having the same problem. In addition, when I went to delete the apps from the desktop, the phone would freeze every time, and reset after some time, then when it started up, the apps I had deleted before it froze were there again….I’m very unhappy so far, owned the phone for 5 hours and have already had it freeze and reset well over 10 times, still cant open any of the apps I downloaded either

My old iPhone, with 2.0 loaded, freezes quite often. At times I can’t even answer an incoming call. I see it, hear it, but am unable to do anything except get angry at it. What good is a great product if it doesn’t work?

It goes on, people complaining about their troubles.

I have the new iPhone 3g and was playing tap tap revenge about an hour ago, and all of a sudden it froze. I couldn’t do anything on the screen. So I held in the sleep/wake button, and the home button until it reset. But when it went to turn back on it would not turn on at all, it would just stay at the apple screen. So I had to force it into recovery mode for the third time to restore it. This is the second iPhone 3g I have, since the first one wouldn’t even get recognized by iTunes. Now I don’t know about anyone else but, having to restore my phone almost every day is getting really frustrating and annoying. Apple must put out an update or something to make this stop.

People, my iPhone thinks I am in California, when I can assure you I am not!
I, along with many of you, had to suffer the frustration and upset at how yesterday was handled. I finally got sorted out late last night and have been enjoying the App store ever since. Everything is fine with my phone and has synced a number of times since 2.0.
But, why does my iphone think I am in California, right now (12:06 GMT) my phone is reading 04:06 Sat 12th. I am not in California, I am just outside London, and it is not some dark hour in the middle of the night, there is much light outside… I do however have the time in time setting for London, this is, of course correct, but when I sync with itunes the time does not update? Is Apple trying to control time now? Anyone with an idea of what to do short of trying a full restore?

The list goes on and on and on, Apple really needs to sort this problem out.

The latest info we have heard is that Apple is preparing another update which will sort out these bugs. The question is, will it really sort out the problems? Because if it does not we can see Apple losing a lot of custom.

Please let us know if you are still having problems with you iPhone and iPhone 3G.


8 thoughts on “My Apple iPhone is still having major problems: Is Yours?”

  1. Steve says:

    I think I found your problem! According to the photo above you are somehow running a demented crossbreed of the iPhone os and Windows XP!

  2. Vende says:

    I have had some similar problems too; I also heard from a friend who knows someone at Apple to expect a new update by early September.

  3. Kris says:

    ive experienced that text messageing lag thing. which is extremly annoying, it takes about 3 seconds to process the key i just pressed! what i do to fix this is to hold the HOME button for like 8-10 seconds UNTILL im taken to the main home screen. then i open up the text messageing again and i can text properly again. but still, my old iphone never had these problems im getting on my 3G.

  4. Rusty Shakleford says:

    I bought the 3G iphone at launch and noticed in, Settings/General/About/Firmware, it was running version 2.0 (5A345). iTunes did not signal that there was an update. I clicked the restore button in itunes and itunes installed a new firmware version 2.0 (5A347). I think this has solved a lot of problems for me. I wonder why apple doesn’t put out a press release about the RESTORE in iTunes?

  5. Mine was the same way when I purchased it. Then I noticed that the phone shipped with build 5A345. That was actually beta 8, which often had the contacts lag when I was using it. If you restore your iPhone 3G from iTunes it will automatically download and install 5A347, the final 2.0 build.

    I don’t know why iTunes is not detecting the beta 8 issue, but at least it is an easy fix.

    I really expect more from Apple. It is like this is a WinPhone or something.


    I HAVE HAD ABOUT 37 RESTORES on my iPhone 3g so far. I can’t stand this piece of junk. It keeps going to the apple screen and freezing for hours, until i have to restore again–loosing all of my information. I can’t run any applications because i know that it will just crash….even running the ipod crashes this piece of junk. I can’t wait to send it back.

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