My Major freezing iPhone 2.0 update glitches! App Store Problems

Like many of you I downloaded the new Apple iPhone 2.0 firmware update, first impressions were totally fantastic, and in a way is very good indeed, but there is a BUT.

We reported to you the other day the iTunes iPhone 2.0 update and about the problems trying to download it, plus the problem of completely killing our iPhone’s, the response was massive with many of you commenting on this, 351 comments came in.

Well the latest is and of course many of you are no doubt having the same problems comes from installing apps from the Apps Store.

I have downloaded many applications from the Apps Store like Tap Tap Revenge, Super Monkey Ball and many more, well since the 2.0 update I have had nothing but problems where the iPhone freezes and locks on a certain page for quite some time.

Yes it does reset itself after a while but that is beside the point, we all have one of the most advanced mobile devices in the world which has major flaws, definitely not happy about this.

I installed Super Monkey Ball and was playing this game quite comfortably, then all of a sudden I dropped out of the game, I tried to re-launch it and the iPhone froze. I thought these freezing issues and of course issues where some apps takes ages to open would fix itself, but this has not happened.

Even when writing a text message seems to take ages when pressing the character keys, the whole iPhone seems to have slowed up immensely.

All I say is, Apple need to sort this problem out and fast, because if they do not they can keep their iPhone 3G and that would be one less customer.

Please let us know if you are having these troubles as well, we want to know if you are having problems with the old iPhone as well as the new iPhone 3G, so please state what device you have then what the problem is?


33 thoughts on “My Major freezing iPhone 2.0 update glitches! App Store Problems”

  1. Same thing as a computer. When in doubt, reboot (ie, turn off and on). If turning the phone off/on doesn’t work, try removing the battery for a few… oh wait, never mind. 😉

    If I can add a tip, don’t do anything else with the phone/ipod while downloading/installing something. The iPhone is not multitask friendly.

    If you really hate crashes, restart your iphone after each new app installation. Also, wait a few seconds between closing one app and opening a new one. Even better (but not that practical), turn phone off and on.

  2. Veronica says:

    I have the old Iphone and mine keeps freezing up and restarting itself over and over its really annoying and if im listening to music it makes it sound like the music is skipping

  3. Anthony K says:

    I just bought the new iphone 3g and I am having serious issues. I installed many application on my computer through the itunes app store and installed them on my phone through itunes sync. WHen I tried opening the apps which now appear on my iphones desktop, they open, then quit immediatley…every one of them! I looked around online and many people are having the same problem. In addition, when I went to delete the apps from the desktop, the phone would freeze every time, and reset after some time, then when it started up, the apps I had deleted before it froze were there again….Im very unhappy so far, owned the phone for 5 hours and have already had it freeze and reset well over 10 times, still cant open any of the apps I downloaded either

  4. roberto says:

    I bought the iPhone 3g and it seemed fine untill a few apps and now it restarts randomly and lags really bad sometimes. We should contact apple and send in everything wrong. But we need them to listen. I want it fixxed

  5. diane says:

    i have the old iphone and it froze all the time when inputting text. now have downloaded 2.0 still doing the same thing and so far can’t access my email accounts. battery life even worse

  6. marty says:

    My old iPhone, with 2.0 loaded, freezes quite often. At times I can’t even answer an incoming call. I see it, hear it, but am unable to do anything except get angry at it. What good is a great product if it doesn’t work?

  7. Steve says:

    i have the new iPhone 3g and was playing tap tap revenge about an hour ago, and all of a sudden it froze. I couldnt do anything on the screen. So i held in the sleep/wake button, and the home button until it reset. But when it went to turn back on it would not turn on at all, it would just stay at the apple screen. So i had to force it into recovery mode for the third time to restore it.
    This is the second iPhone 3g i have, since the first one wouldnt even get recognized by iTunes.
    Now I don’t know about anyone else but, having to restore my phone almost every day is getting really frustrating and annoying.
    Apple must put out an update or something to make this stop.

  8. Joe says:

    I have the original iPod Touch and the 2.0 update is my second software upgrade. Very impressed with the new features and capabilities, however, with the screen freezing in almost every app I’m considering reverting back. Some apps won’t even load. I click the icon, start-up screen for the app comes up, then after 15-30 seconds of waiting I get taken back to the home screen.

    I’ve also had problems with the keyboard sticking/delaying, especially the backspace.

    I haven’t heard or seen anything from apple on this yet, but I’m hoping 2.0.1 comes soon because this is driving me nuts.

  9. Bob anon says:


    1) Turn off iphone and restart
    2) When done with ANY application HOLD THE HOME BUTTON UNTIL THE APP CLOSES (it takes around 4 seconds)

    The reason there are issues is this: When you close an application after you use it, the app does not turn off. It keeps on in ‘stand by’ mode. To turn off the app you must hold the home button (square white thing at lower bottom of phone)

    Hope this helps as it fixed all of my issues. =]

  10. carrie says:

    I have the original iPhone… Not going to call it old because I have has it only a few months. I already had one replacement. Looks like I will have to replace it again. Keyboard sticks, spelling is bizzar, skips “n” frequently, backspace sticks, crashes constantly!
    I wonder if this is on purpose so we are forced to buy the new phone?

  11. calebk says:

    I have an ipod touch and i have been having major problems with it since the update. When i am downloading apps the ipod touch freezes. I then need to press the home button and power button at the same time for it to switch off. I then turn the ipod back on and it sometimes takes a long time to turn on or just freezes on the apple logo start up screen.

    I rang apple and they told me to send the apple in for a replacement so i got a new ipod touch (if you fancy a new ipod or iphone then call apple and you might get one even though the hardware isnt the probem). When i rang apple again they told me that the applications were causing the problem and not the firmware but i have found that this is not the case. I now have to restore the ipod at least twice a day and it is getting frustrating because all my apps are loosing their settings and my games are loosing their place.

    We really need an update which will work because for me the 2.01 does not make a difference.

  12. td_ssam says:

    Nope… 2.0.1 is worthless… So is this phone if they don’t fix it soon. Funny how you hear people talk crap about Windows being buggy and not ready for release… This is the first Apple device and I am not at ALL impressed. In fact my tilt / 8925 is Windows Mobile 6.0 and I’ve not had this many problems with it and I CAN do FREE 3rd party software that doesn’t freeze my damn phone. Thanks Apple, now fix your broken iPhone please and thank you.

  13. Yankeedoodle says:

    You’re speaking my language! Same problems here, but even worse: the iPhone often does not start again after auto-reset events and instead gets stuck at the Apple logo. I had to recover the whole sh#$! two times in less than 24 hours after being dropped out of safari while browsing and being interrupted by a sudden phone-induced reset. Grrrrr! I love Apple, but this iPhone OS (V2.0.1) is still crap!

  14. Yankeedoodle says:

    BTW: I got a brand new 3G, so you guys don’t really need an upgrade unless you prefer looking at a freezed iPhone with a glossy black back instead of a metal one!

  15. sam says:

    i guess i should join the party i recently updated my iphone with the 2.0 update. after a week with it i noticed my space bar wasnt working so i reset the phone same problem still no response when i touch it so now the bottom part of my screen is dead so i cant reply email or text or surf the web and the 2.0.1 update is useless. Steve your so lucky to have the only working iphone i wish mine was as good as yours.

  16. td_ssam says:

    All I ask is that I am able to do what Apple said the phone is capable of doing. The main problem I have with Apple is that every damn thing they release is proprietory to Apple. Now see that wouldn’t bother me, but the fact that they are proprietory and are only allowed software that THEY SAY is “okay” for your device to have is where I have my problem, especially since the software they are saying is good for my phone is freezing my phone… Pick it up Apple… I swear..

  17. calebk says:

    After having so many problems with my ipod i decided to ring up apple. They are now blaming the problems on the third party applications. So now i have to go through 30 of all my applications and see which is causing it. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that because some apps work fine on their own but don’t work if they are installed with all of my other apps.

    Apple, you spend ages and ages reviewing the apps before they go on sale so why are you letting apps in the appstore if they are going to freeze and crash my ipod.

  18. calebk says:

    Altavistagoogle said not to do anything else while installing an app but i can not because while downloading something my settings and the appstore are temporarily frozen. Also, when i delete an app from my ipod by holding down the app and pressing the x my ipod takes nearly 2 minutes to turn off when i turn it off.

    Is anyone else having any of these problems?

  19. Amrit says:

    I’m having the same issue with my brand new Iphone 3g. I had the Iphone 2G prior to this and since I never upgraded the software it was near flawless. Rarely crashed. What the heck is apple doing?? This new phone is destroying the reputation they held that put microsoft to shame. The Iphone 3G software SUCKS..it can’t handle even a couple of apps?? Get your sh** together and fix these glitches!

  20. vincent says:

    arghhhh!!!! seems like we’re all in the same boat! My iphone 3g frozed, so had to do a restore to get it going, since then all my apps just start to load then…thats it!! Just won’t load!!

  21. roberto says:

    2.0.2 sucks even worst. everything lags and I get crashes all the time. 2.1 is coming out soon but they are adding more thing that no one cares about. we want the problems fixed. not turn by turn gps. horizontal SMS would be nice too:)

  22. Dave says:


    Had the problem with applications after i sync’d with PC. i.e. applications seemed to start then just went back to desktop (if thats what you want to call it).

    I did this and it all worked again, so now i can play my card games!

    1. I turned the phone completely off then back on.
    2. Went to the Apps Store and downloaded a free application (well, card game actually). Ran that application then closed it down.
    3. Went back to the applications that I paid for, ran one and it/they worked

    Whether there is a system file that may get corrupted when you sync with your pc that’s subsequently restored/updated when you download a new application I don’t know but it seemed to work for me.


  23. david virguez says:

    help please i have 2.0.2 and i im updating x plane and turn my phone of what happens is that it stays on the aplle loading screen i really need help

  24. Malcolm says:

    I have the latest model and updated to latest version only to find when scrolling through “contacts” the page or contact chosen just freezes — throwing it at wall does not work –toggling on and off is the only solution but boy it wastes sooooooooooo much time –this is not an unlocked phone with hardly any apps BUT does have all my contacts –ARGHHHHHHHH

  25. Helen T says:

    Hi there,

    I have the iPhone 3G (the new one) and it’s driving me mad. If I surf the net for too long, it freezes. If someone calls me and I hang up after finishing the convo, it freezes. And NO amount of pressing the ‘home’ button or trying to switch it off witht eh top button will actually chnage it.

    After about 2 minutes, it resets itself, but then takes me back to the home screen. I’ve also found that writing a text message takes ages as I’ll type the characters in, but it seems to take ages for the phone to input the characters…?!

    ALSO, sometimes when I browse the net – it just randomly goes black and takes me abck to the home screen again. WHAT ON EARTH IS UP WITH IT?

    I absolutely hate the darn thing and people cant believe it when I tell them it’s rubbish when they ask how I’m finding it. I ahve just done the new update and thats made the problem worse, not better. It’s seriously driving me nuts. I pay £45 a month for this phone and it’s not performing the way I expected it to…. – can someone help please?xx

  26. Caleb says:

    My advice is to ring up apple and I am sure they will replace it for you. The problems you listed are not common problems for an iPhone so it is either a hardware problem which apple will replace or maybe something to do with your installation.

    Good luck

  27. Elbert K says:

    Im having problems identical to Helen T. Phone freezes after I answer a call and disconnect. Also many calls go righ to voicemail and I never knew they called. I bought my 1st 3g Friday Nov 21, got a replacement on the 23rd and the replacement is having the same problems. Bought and replaced at at an ATT store after arguing with clerk to waive restocking fee for a bad phone . Have tried all listed resets in the Users guide and none are solving problems. will go to an apple store Monday morning. May have to get iphone3g #3 …..geez

  28. jodi says:

    please help. I have the jailbroken iPhone 2g. It worked just fine for a week or 2 now I don’t have the adp setting. I downloaded the editor again n it still doesn’t work. Now I can’t use my phone icon. So I can’t hang up on anyone I’m on the phone with or press any numbers while on the phone. I can still dial out by the contacts icon. Since I can’t put in the adp I can’t connect to the edge network. This sucks. Still love the phone.

  29. Brandon says:

    I have found if you hit the power button just to lock it and then open the phone again by using the home button it opens the app that you locked it at and it will work again but this is BS!!!

  30. joseph says:

    Since we last updated our iphones we now have all sorts of problems. example, if you’ve been having a text msg conversation with a friend, suddenly you won’t be able to send, and you’ll have to clear all the messages and start again via the contacts. Annoying, to put it mildly. problems with downloading applications, etc etc. This is a bloody expensive piece of equipment and they’re stuffing it up. grrrrrrrrr.

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