Tiscali may sucker punch BT in Broadband war

It looks like Tiscali and BT are having a few hot words with each other, the two big firms look like they will be going head to head.

Words have been said between Tiscali and BT over the former provision of home broadband services.

To put it in simple terms not to bore you BT has told all Tiscali customers that their broadband provision may be in doubt but Tiscali has responded in a big way by threatening to take legal action against BT.

There was a letter sent to Tiscali and Pipex with the headline of ‘Tiscali chief plots sell-off’, it also invites customers to switch to an alternative provider.

Tiscali is Italy’s largest internet service provider have indeed denied reports that they are to be sold off by mid-August, Tiscali has been looking for a buyer since Mario Rosso took over as chief executive officer in February.

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