Video Example of iPhone 3G lagging: Are you affected?

We have reported a few times now of the problems the iPhone and iPhone 3G are having and this is becoming such a major problem that is ticking off customers.

We have seen these problems personally and yes at first thought we were the only ones, but this is not the case as many users are experiencing the same, this has been confirmed also by many readers over on the Apple site.

Over on the Apple Discussions page there is a title called “iPhone 3G Lag is intolerable” which like our source below found this pretty interesting. This is what the person said on the Apple site:

“We are a couple of Swedish guys that have been talking about the Iphone 3G since we bought it and then we started to compare the old phone and the new and everyone had extreme problems in lag in the interface on the Iphone 3G compared to the 1st Gen Iphone. So we decided to make a video so people can really see and compare.

This lag that people are having is not the only problem but is followed by Applications crashing; OS is freezing, safari going haywire. touch not responding.

Also ive gotten info that upgraded 1st Gen Iphones that have updated to 2.0 is getting the same lag”.

Below you can see a video of the iPhone being used and how much lag time the device is showing, we know for a fact that you have to reboot your iPhone a few times to make it work again but this is unacceptable in my eyes.

Apple really need to sort the problem out, this is a service that many of us can do without.

Source — product-reviews.net


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  1. hey, i dont mind if the menu or something like the touch problem being there…. but the video frame rate is below 14??? thats wild man… cant even watch a music video from it with joy …. can some1 pls help me???

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