Warning of iPhone App Scam: iPhoneApps.org disabled

We all love the iPhone applications from the Apps Store but there are warning of scammers.

Crooks will do everything in their power to obtain money from you and clearly iPhoneApps.org is one of them, if you do a Google search for “iPhone apps” this site is the first on the search page.

Well at last this site has been disabled and is no longer available, but trust us when we say “More scams are likely to follow”.

This site was selling top 10 iPhone application bundles for $25 using the safe PayPal, we all know that the iTunes App Store is the exclusive distributor of official iPhone apps, please do not download any applications other than from iTunes.

Please let us know if you have come across any other websites that you feel are scams so that our readers are aware.


One thought on “Warning of iPhone App Scam: iPhoneApps.org disabled”

  1. EGAN says:

    I have made a complaint to Pay Pal about this site. They make out these apps work but they dont. They pretend it all works and is above board. I have tried to get my money back but they have not responded to any of my emails. I am currently in dispute and have notifed Pay Pal about it. They are ripping off people !!!! DONT BUY IT !

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