Will Android outsell Apple iPhone 3G? One researcher thinks yes.

There has been some chatter about whether Google’s Android based phones can out strip the Apple iPhone 3G lately, with all the chatter of irate developers, some jumping platforms and such, buggy software and delayed phone shipments.

However, there is one research company that still holds faith in Google that it can out sell the Apple iPhone 3G next year, and the key to Google’s Android success is apparently China and its billion potential mobile phone users.

Bill Hughes, principal analyst for In-Stat predicts the iPhone 3G will grab an early lead in sales with 6.2 million sold this year and 9.5 million in 09. However he forecasts that Android based mobile phones sales will increase to a whopping 17.1 million in 09 after a slow start of 500,000 in 08.

Hughes reckons Android will outsell the Apple iPhone 3G at a rate of 3-to-1, or 96.9 million handsets to 33.4 million handsets by 2012. The reason for this is apparently that sleeping giant China, which Hughes believes will throw its weight behind Android.

Source — forbes

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