Improved iPhone 2.0 Safari browsing due to Webkit

Those who have upgraded to the iPhone 2.0 OS and iPhone 3G upgrader’s will by now know that web browsing has undeniably been improved within the smartphone arena. With it web pages load quicker, whether using 3G, WiFi or EDGE over all it is much faster.

What has given this bump to speedier surfing isn’t the new iPhone 3G’s hardware, but it is to do with the new Webkit build that the Apple iPhone 2.0 OS uses.

There is now, thanks to a touch of graphical bar help from Daring Fireball, a visual rep of just how much faster the Apple iPhone 2.0 OS’s Safari browser is, and it’s all down to improved Webkit performance.

If you take a look at the graph it shows Javascript benchmark performance using differing iPhone firmware versions, thus comparing the iPhone 2.0 OS Safari with the iPhone 1.1.4 OS Safari. The large jump is between 1.0.1 and 1.1.4 and there is a definitely pronounced jump between 1.1.4 and 2.0.

So it shows that the Webkit brings boosted performance and here’s too many more Javascript performance boosts

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