3G network problems dog the Apple iPhone yet more complaints!

The month of July has been inundated with moans and complaints concerning the Apple iPhone 3G and it appears that people aren’t done with it yet either. This time people are bemoaning about the 3G network.

According to Wired, there are hundreds of irate iPhone users all over Apple’s support forums complaining they are experiencing problems with the 3G network. CNET editors say they are receiving emails concerning 3G issues while Gadget Lab readers have also written in with complains.

At present is unclear whether the issues are network or hardware related, but one Gadget Lab reader said AT&T assures them it is a problem with the iPhone. Problems vary as some say they can only connect to 3G for a few minutes and then get bumped to EDGE and this is happening even in 3G rich coverage areas.

AT&T spokesperson, Brad Mays says the iPhone 3G is “performing great.”

Yep, seems like the iPhone fiasco continues to plod on, but I’m sure that one day everything will run smoothly, when the one day will be of course is anyone’s guess.


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