Send web content instantly to your mobile phone with ZipClip

Mobile phone usage worldwide continues to evolve and increase to include forms of enjoyment and entertainment. Mobile users want new and better ways to personalise and boost fun on their mobiles. Berggi’s ZipClip may be the answer.

A review on Slashphone says ZipClip can clip videos, images, photos, animations, graphics, avatars, thumbnails, along with text on the web and instantly send them to your mobile phone with just a right click of your mouse.

To gain ZipClip you need to visit their website and select “get It Now”, ZipClip will then direct the user through the installation process thus installing ZipClip onto both computer and mobile phone.

When a user browses the net and see a certain item they would like on their mobile phone, they just right click on the content, select “Send to my phone” from the ZipClip menu and the clipped content is instantly sent to their “My Stuff” folder which is in the ZipClip app on their mobile.


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