Orange could become a household name in computers?

The latest word on the net waves is Orange is to start offering their broadband customer free PCs.

Well according to PCRetail mag, Orange has apparently struck a deal with Asus and HP so customers, including SMBs who use broadband services will be given a laptop in exchange for signing a two year contract.

There have been rumours in the past that Orange may take this path, and Orange Chief exec, Tom Alexander saying he wants the company to “evolve”, however after than it all went silent.

However, Orange has now revealed a plan which could possibly have PC retailed biting their nails. Customers will gain a free Asus Eee PC 900 16GB laptop by signing to a £25.00 per month two year contract. While business customers will be offered the choice of an HP 6370 or 6730b carrying a tariff ranging from £35 to £45 per month.

Orange stores and online will stock Asus laptops as from August. So it now appears Orange is into computers as well as mobile phones

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