Carling is better than iBeer, viral mobile ads on iPhone

Viral mobile advertising on the Apple iPhone is becoming more and more popular on the iPhone, so if you combine iPhone, carling, and beer you know you are going to have fun but it is also a sure way to get people buying beer.

Carling who is one of the biggest and well known beer purveyors in the UK has an app ready for you to install on your iPhone, the Carling app is now available on iTunes and is free.

I have already installed this myself and it is pretty cool, personally I think it is much better and smoother than iBeer which is also available from iTunes.

Let me give you a few reasons to install the Carling application, first of all it’s a neat technology demonstrator (the accelerometer can be used to “hold” your pint if you win the game) and it’s a cool game, oh and not forgetting this beer is free and you will not get a hang over.

“The application was created by Beattie McGuinness Bungay, who worked with the Swedish developers Illusion Labs, and …. is top of the free applications chart on the games section of the new App store and at number two in the iTunes general applications chart…. the iPint is far more engaging and viral than almost any of the advertising you’re likely to see this week.”

Go and get this application now in iTunes, just go to the search tab and type in iPint. Oh you can also go to Carling’s official site here and watch the video. Check out the images below.

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