End of the line for Palm Treo 755p with Verizon

Now here’s a snippet of news that may interest all you Palm OS Verizon customers out there in mobile phone land. Verizon has informed Palm Infocenter that they are to officially decommission the Palm OS based smartphone Treo 755p.

Verizon will now favour the Palm Centro, which they say is a smaller, friendlier, more customer orientated mobile handset. This may just tick off some Treo loving business types who aren’t interested in carrying a mobile handset with a keyboard as small as the Centro, but they will need to get used to it.

Verizon has reduced the price of the Treo 755p on their online stores to match that of the Palm Centro’s $99.00; however the website states that the Palm Treo 755p is out of stock.

Verizon also state they will of course continue to supply support for the Treo 755p, and current users will be able to acquire said support via Verizon technical support.


One thought on “End of the line for Palm Treo 755p with Verizon”

  1. elteegee says:

    This makes perfect sense. The Centro can do everything the Treo can do and a bit more, in a much sleeker, originally WAY less expensive package. Anyone buying a Treo at the higher price after the Centro release would have been a bonehead, honestly. They keyboard size difference is small and the Centro has rubberized keys that make it just as easy or even easier to use than the Treo’s. The screen is smaller but crisp and clear enough so there is no feeling of sacrificing anything by giving up the Treos slightly larger screen. All in all the only thing you give up by leaving the Treo for the Centro is have a big, clunky weight that’s easy to drop. Viva la Centro!

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