AT&T and O2 promise to get iPhone 3Gs out there ASAP

Word all over review sites is about the lack of availability of the Apple iPhone 3G, now it’s only reasonable to believe that people aren’t too happy at being kept waiting when they order their new iPhone3G handset.

Questions begin to run the course, are they really all sold out? Are the retailers just trying to hold onto what little stock they have for some strange reason? Will Apple make enough and if so how quickly? When will I actually receive my new iPhone 3G? And stuff along those lines.

Well fear not dear iPhoner’s because those ever informative carriers AT&T and O2 have both posted a promise to their customers on their websites, that they are putting iPhone 3G handsets out in retail stores as quickly as they can.

AT&T also adds that they are shipping out on a “first come first served basis” and that lead time is running around the two week mark.

The question still remains though, just how is Apple going to supply those other 20 countries next month if they can’t keep places like AT&T and O2 stocked fully? Answers on a postcard to…on second thoughts just drop us a comment or two.

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