HTC Touch Diamond gains official GSM 850 support update

Are you a ROM hungry HTC Touch Diamond-er just gagging for an official ROM update to come your way? Well you are in luck because HTC has released the first official HTC Touch Diamond ROM update.

So all you Touch Diamond-er out there in HTC land if you want it you can download it from asia.htc.com and you will be happy to find in this official firmware update the addition of some GSM 850 support along with numerous other fixes and changes.

Actually, once you work through some of the confusion over the appearance of 850 within the band selection screen after you’ve updated, it does actually look as if this works for the Touch Diamonds out there in big wide mobile world.

So Touch Diamond-er’s go grab this official firmware update, download it, play with it, and then let us know how well it actually works.

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