AdMob iPhone 3G advertising solutions, $1million dev fund

Looks like AdMob is pushing the boat out a little as they announce brand new iPhone 3G advertising solutions and $1 million iPhone developers fund.

AdMob has recently announced that they are launching a global iPhone ad marketplace with a new Apple iPhone optimized interactive advertising formats. Ok some may find this a little confusing so let us explain.

Basically the brand new ads will include brand and performance formats that will operate in both the native applications as well as the browser environment built for the iPhone. Adding more to the flavour is the mobile ads company unveiling a developer program and a $1 million ad fund for developers worldwide to promote their iPhone applications, services and sites.

The ads blend graphical display with one of eight iPhone-specific actions which include iTunes – open the iTunes store and purchase music or video content from iTunes, Custom – “interactive user experiences”, Video – view video and share video with friends, AppStore – visit the AppStore and download applications, Audio – listen to recorded or streaming audio content, Maps – launch maps and display relevant locations near user’s location, Call – initiate a voice call and Web – visit web pages.

Also in the news is launch advertisers include such companies as Ford, Loopt, Universal Pictures, Shozu, Electronic Arts, Jaguar and Land Rover, also publishers that participate at the launch include MovieTickets.com, Loopt, Mippin, AccuWeather.com and Flirtomatic.

For more information on AdMob please visit AdMob’s website, please check out a little video below as well.


3 thoughts on “AdMob iPhone 3G advertising solutions, $1million dev fund”

  1. Jason says:

    Sorry to blow your cover guys, but Admob is nothing but a VC financed SCAM, they have no problem with advertisers giving them money, and no problem with small time publishers, but they are not honest business when the time comes to release bigger payment funds,
    they behave nothing more than a a very familiar by all of us scam companies who scam you out of your credit card and then disconnect their phones.
    Recently filed class action lawsuit against ADMOB will put this 1M$ away from iphone prize into legal department. Watch news on TV and News paper for more info.

  2. As an Advertiser AND a Publisher, I’ve found AdMob’s iPhone Advertising network to be nothing but a complete and utter but a waste of time.

    As for the $1million publisher promotion? When you do the math, it’s very unlikely to cost AdMob more than $80k.

    Let me explain. As an advertiser I ran a campaign for one of my iPhone Webapps. I paid 63 cents per click. Publishers were being paid just 5 cents per click.

    They plan to give 500 iPhone publishers a $2000 ad campaign. Using my experiences, this means that each of these 500 campaigns will only cost AdMob $158 !!

    So, $1million sounds great, but I smell a rat!

    On another note. 63 cents per click to run an ad, and only 5 cents paid out to the publisher. Someone is making a ton of cash!

    It’s only a matter of time until it all comes crashing down.

  3. I have some unsettling news about admob.com… Has anyone put in there minimum payment and had their transaction pending for 3 days? I did and then when I tried using my credit card, it had no funds left on it because they take money off of it from pending transactions… What a scam this is… After 4 days I get this e-mail saying that my ad was not approved for some reason even though I was sent to this site through the aclaimed “Mack Micheals” of Maverick Money Makers with exact instructions on what to do… I followed them exactly… So WTF… Any one have this same problem, If so write this blog… I hope I wasn’t the only who was scammed by this admob.com or MACK MICHEALS

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