Hot: Is Apple iPhone 3G coming to Orange UK in October?

There are many rumours flying around at the moment on the web that the Apple iPhone 3G is coming to Orange UK in October. We will treat this as speculation until we hear different.

According to Omio they are saying that the iPhone 3G will become available on Orange in the UK as soon as October.

If this is all true then it looks like France will not be alone seeing as France Orange has the iPhone 3G. Let us look at it like this, O2 won the exclusive rights for the iPhone 3G in the UK, T-Mobile got it in Germany and as said above France got on Orange; surely other networks in all countries should have the chance in snagging the iPhone 3G.

Many customers in the UK might not like O2 for some reason, maybe Orange customers are loyal and wish to stay with this carrier, so why not release the iPhone 3G on the Orange network in October.

If Orange did get the iPhone 3G the sales of the device will increase immensely, come on we all know that Apple wish to sell as many of these phones as possible and the way to achieve that is to open the doors in all countries to multiple networks.

Are Omio dreaming, or are they on the ball with hot news that could possibly become reality?

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7 thoughts on “Hot: Is Apple iPhone 3G coming to Orange UK in October?”

  1. Simarti says:

    I agree i hate o2 and i am loyal to orange, i have waited for the iphone long enough, what to do with my ipod touch though if i got one?!

  2. jo says:

    i hate o2. no signal at my huouse or my parents house. if you’re anywhere but the town centre signal is poor.

    was on o2 for about 10 years then switched to 3. looking to move again once my contract is up, and am hoping by then to get an iPhone, but i’ll opt for something else if o2 is my only choice.

    im not the only person who feels like this, so surely, apple, if you’re reading, get the iPhone on orange!

  3. 786rnr says:

    I am dying to get the iphone, as it is soooo cool, but am an orange customer for a while and am happy with their service. So I can only dearly hope that the dream of owning an iphone will become reality sooner rather than later.

  4. B-2 says:

    I too am orange loyal and dislike o2 because of poor or no signal in and around the area i live, is it possible/legal to buy a pay as you go i-phone 3G on o2, have it unlocked, then put an orange sim in?

  5. Andy Neal says:

    o2 is rubbish in UK compared to Orange. The o2 website shows a map saying that coverage is “Standard” in my Village. SG14 3TG. I have to travel 6 miles to Hertford to make / receive a decent call! o2’s maps that their employes access tell a completly diferent story. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY FALSE INFORMATION on a “GENUINE” o2 website. Check and double check. Better Connected? Than who? Bring it out on Orange please and watch sales take off!

  6. John Steward says:

    Is the iPhone from orange going to have the orange logo on the front and back of the phone? If so than I’m gonna get 1 from 02 since I hate when they put them logos on!

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